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123eworld SMS


123eworld SMS allows you to send SMS from your wordpress site. Simply call a method on or action to send SMS.
This plugin is completely free with all features included so, there is no Pro version of this plugin.


  • Simple class method call to send SMS
  • Hook (Action) to send sms
  • Ajax (Action) to send sms for logged in users only
  • Works with WooCommerce 3.8+


How to install the 123eworld SMS.

Please follow the steps for plugin installation:

using WordPress

  1. After download plugin, do login to your WordPress admin interface
  2. After login click on Plugins from the left hand menu
  3. Click on Add new
  4. Type «123eworld SMS» in search plugins keyword box.
  5. Plugin details will be displayed. Click on «Install Now» button to install.
  6. If You have already downloaded plugin zip file from wordpress site or 123eworld wesite, Click on Upload
  7. Browse to the directory you downloaded the plugin to and click Install Now
  8. After WordPress has finished installing the file, click on Activate Plugin
  9. All Done!

using FTP / CPanel

  1. Download plugin zip file from
  2. Unzip file. It will be unzipped to 123eworld_sms folder
  3. Open your FTP client or File Manager in CPanel
  4. Browse to /your_wp_instalation/wp-content/plugins/ on your hosting server
  5. Upload 123eworld_sms into this directory
  6. Go to your wordpress admin panel
  7. Go to plugins and activate 123eworld SMS plugin
  8. After the plugin has been activated you will notice a new section «123eworld SMS» in menu.
  9. All Done!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q. Do I need any login details to send SMS?
A: Yes. You have to subscribe to a SMS plan. For more details visit our website at www.123eworld.com.

Q. How to integrate API in my website?
A: You can call a class method or do action and pass mobile number and message to it. You can use ajax also to call send sms method.

Q. Does it automatically send SMS on every action?
A: No. You have to call method or action on specific actions in your code.


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