301 Redirects & 404 Error Log


A perfect plugin for creating a new site from an old site or changing the domain name, and managing all of the redirects and broken URLs by using redirection.

Найдите ссылку на 301 Redirects в главном меню Настроек.
Журнал 404 ошибок можно найти на той же странице, а также на панели администратора.

301 Redirects plugin creates a new table in the WP database called ‘WP_PREFIX_ts_redirects’ that stores all of your redirect rules and redirections. On plugin deactivation the table is not deleted. When you delete the plugin then the redirection table is deleted forever.

Why is the 404 error log limited to the last 50 errors?
By default, the 404 error log is limited to the last (chronologically) fifty 404 errors. Since the 404 log doesn’t use a custom database table for storage but rather an array saved in WP options, 50 is a safe number that ensures the 404 log works on all sites, that it doesn’t take up too much space in the database and that it doesn’t slow down the site.
The code imposes no limits on the log size and you can easily overwrite the default limit by using the 301_redirects_max_404_logs filter or by using the following code snippet to raise the limit to 200:

add_filter('301_redirects_max_404_logs', function($log_max) { return 200; }, 10, 1);

GDPR compatibility
We are not lawyers. Please do not take any of the following as legal advice.
301 Redirects does not use any 3rd party services or CDNs. It does create a 404 error log which saves the following info when a non-existing (404) page is opened: timestamp of the event, URL of the 404 page, user agent based on the user agent string from the user’s browser. No IP related data or any other identifiable user data is saved or processed. Based on that, we feel it’s GDPR compatible, but again, please, don’t take this as legal advice.


  • Просто добавьте заголовок, раздел, старую ссылку и новую ссылку для перенаправления URL.


Functional enough plugin and easy to use. Pretty aggressive about upgrades and actively pushes toward the higher tiers of subscription though - no way to download logs, or filter by date, or any of the things a more experienced user would want to do.
URLS cannot be exported via the backend. The plugins does what it should, but for people with a bit more experience it offers to less options and there are plugins offering the same and even more.
No issues at all. Works great and very happy with this plugin! Simple and easy to use. Which is a huge bonus!
23.12.2020 1 ответ
Did exactly what I wanted it to do and was easy to set up and worked first time.
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  • 2022/11/20
  • minor security fixes


  • 2021/04/26
  • добавлена кнопка Удалить все правила перенаправления
  • исправлена ошибка привилегий для виджета консоли ошибки 404


  • 2021/02/25
  • добавлен журнал 404 ошибок
  • добавлен виджет консоли с журналом ошибок 404
  • исправление ошибок
  • исправления безопасности


  • 2020/09/30
  • 10,000 установок; 62,660 загрузок
  • незначительные исправления ошибок
  • добавлено промо для WP 301 Redirects PRO


  • 2019/06/20
  • 10,000 установок; 40,940 загрузок
  • исправление ошибок


  • 2015/04/06
  • первая версия