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Schedule.cc by 500 Apps


About 500apps

To correlate the demanding & successful strategic business scenarios with Fortune-500 firms, all you need is productive yet simpler, compelling yet user-friendly, and advanced yet business-elevating apps. 500apps contributes to the business success with 30+ apps that have all the features and potential advantages to give a push to your business.

Schedule.cc by 500apps

Schedule.cc is a user-friendly appointment scheduling software that allows users to create events or book appointments. Schedule.cc by 500apps is a one-stop solution for all your appointment scheduling needs. Manage all your meetings like a pro and provide a high-quality experience to your customers. Leverage the features of schedule.cc to expedite your business, cutting down the time spent in planning.

Competitive Advantages

To stand in the competitive edge and expand the technological aspects, schedule.cc makes a difference to that of competitors in three ways –
It gives you unlimited access to all the features
Eases and increases the probability of sharing via emails or other social channels
Integrations with Office365, Google Calendar, WordPress, and other platforms

Features in Plugin

Events at workspaces, meetings by users, or individual events can be scheduled directly from WordPress
Embed all the organization events into your WordPress where customers can view all company services and book the relevant upcoming events that spark their interest
Never miss on crucial meetings or events independently in WordPress site; enables the maximum visibility and draws engagement.

Features in Schedule.cc app

AI Assistant: Schedule.cc’s virtual assistant automatically detects certain phrasing in emails from those trying to book your time so it knows when a customer or prospect wants to meet.

Event Scheduler: Customize your calendar according to your availability. Set up custom events for one-on-one meetings, team meetings or group events.

Meeting Planner: Use customizations to plan individual and group meetings by using features like meeting notices, recurring time intervals, and business hours

Appointment Scheduler: Schedule.cc streamlines your calendar and entire online appointment scheduling process, simplifying communication and time management for everyone involved.


Claim Schedule.cc and 30+ apps that empower productivity by 500apps at $14.99 with 30-day free trial access per user. We make it affordable because we aim for our clients as Industry Empires


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Installing Schedule.cc WordPress plugin is easy. Head to the plugin and download it to start your journey of improving website performance.

Here’s a 3 step guide to help you install and activate schedule.cc plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

1.Download schedule.cc WordPress plugin from the dedicated plugins page.
2.Activate schedule.cc plugin from your Dashboard.
3.Get started with schedule.cc.

After Installation, see a schedule wizard in your dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of your entire website issues and ways to solve them.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

1. How does Schedule.cc work when compared to its competitors?

Unlike its competitors, Schedule.cc does not restrict adding events. In the trial period, users can create many events.

2. Does Schedule.cc offer any uptime guarantee?

Online stability is critical for any business. For that reason, all 500apps services are hosted on Google and Amazon cloud to satisfy all demands and at every scale. We’re pleased to announce that 500apps services are now backed up by a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

3. Can I cancel or upgrade my subscription at any time?

Schedule.cc is powered by 500apps and plans start for the whole suite at $49 for a single user. You can upgrade for 5 users at just $99/user and add more users at $7.99 each. You can upgrade or cancel at any time.

4. How is a «user» defined?

Any person with a unique 500apps username and login is a user, each user’s action while logged on can be tracked and recorded for optimal performance and analysis.

5. Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed at your billing date unless there’s a cancellation scenario.

6. Is me and my users’ data safe?

Yes, your privacy is of the utmost importance to us! Your data is stored on a secure cloud-based server, protected by 128-bit encryption and isn’t shared with any third party services.

7. Who do I contact for additional questions?

We always encourage you to ask all the questions you want to ensure we’re right for you. Contact us at support@schedule.cc or support@500apps.com or call us anytime for more information or to share your feedback.


I already tried this app. It was a awesome experience. This 500 apps is a huge combination of various features.Schedule.cc by 500apps is a one-stop solution for all our appointment scheduling needs. Manage all our meetings like a pro and provide a high-quality experience to the customers. it gives you unlimited access to all the features and increases the probability of sharing via emails or other social channels Integrations with Office365, Google Calendar, WordPress, and other platforms. Everybody try this at once to get the benefits from it.
Very nice and useful app.I like this app very much. I really appreciate it. Highly recommend this for everyone.
simply a great platform, with an immense ease of handling. a much more efficient software than many others. it has the ability to help with scheduling and meetings, it is highly intelligent and diverse business software.
This is a nice app. I recommend to everyone one use this app. It is a very helpful app
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