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Free Responsive Off-Canvas Menu Plugin for WordPress — 8Degree Fly Menu Lite


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8Degree Fly Menu Lite is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to style your site with quick access navigation menu or easy information using an off canvas menu.

8Degree Fly Menu Lite makes use of the default WordPress menu function to create menus. You can add additional elements to the default menu items such as Menu Icons, Menu Taglines (short description), a pseudo grouping header and a long description. We have provided you with a WYSIWYG editor for your long description, so you can add almost anything here including shortcodes. Add header content and footer content to the menu or replace the entire menu with just quick information on the fly.

Free Features

  • Use as Menu or Content
  • Unlimited Fly Menus
  • Integrated with WordPress Menu
  • Side Menu and Skew Menu
  • Custom Icons Support
    -Font icons (Genericon, Font awesome, Dash Icons, Themify Icons, Linear Icons)
    -Image Icons
  • Multiple Flyouts per Page
  • Easy Build Menu
    -Menu divided into 3 sections (Header, Body and Footer)
    -Custom text and title
    -Custom Image
    -Search bar
    -WP Menu
    -Wp — editor (supports shortcode)
    -Footer Section
    -Search bar
    — 5+ Social icons with label and re-position option
    — Wp — editor (supports shortcode)
  • Menu Positions (left or right)
  • Push submenu or drop submenu
  • Menu entrance animation
  • Sub menu animation
  • Menu Icon animation
  • Content Blur option
  • Customizable Template
  • Typography option
  • Color options
  • Background option (Color, Image, Transparent)
  • Menu item hover color
  • Menu item hover background color
  • Child Menu color option
  • Custom Sub menu navigation icon option
  • Toggle Button option
  • Toggle Text Always show or show on hover option
  • Custom Toggle Element option
  • Toggle button behavior (Fixed, scroll, hide)
  • Custom Toggle button option ( Font-icon/ Default)
  • Toggle Button position option
  • Toggle Button shape option
  • Toggle Button border option
  • Display option (Hide Menu on specific page/ Default pages/ Archive pages)
  • Custom CSS option
  • Custom Menu item icons
  • Hide menu item name option
  • Menu item short description text
  • Translation Ready

More Resources

Themes Compatible With Our Plugin :
Eight Degree Fly Menu Lite works best with every WordPress theme. Its even more remarkable when used with popular themes of ours such as Hamza Pro and The100.


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  • Plugin Activation
  • Add New Fly Menu
  • Build Fly Menu
  • Layout Settings — Side Menu
  • Layout Settings — Skew Menu
  • Font and Color Settings
  • Toggle Button Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Custom CSS Section
  • Nav Menu
  • Menu Settings
  • Side Menu Template 1 Design 1
  • Side Menu Template 1 Design 2
  • Side Menu Template 1 Design 3
  • Side Menu Template 1 Design 4
  • Side Menu Template 1 Design 5
  • Side Menu Template 2 Design 1
  • Side Menu Template 2 Design 2
  • Side Menu Template 2 Design 3
  • Side Menu Template 2 Design 4
  • Side Menu Template 2 Design 5
  • Skew Menu Design 1
  • Skew Menu Design 2


  1. Unzip [plugin].zip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/eight-degree-fly-menu-lite
  3. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress.
  4. For customizing the plugin settings, click on 8 Degree Fly Menu Lite option menu in WordPress left admin menu.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Installation Instructions
  1. Unzip [plugin].zip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/eight-degree-fly-menu-lite
  3. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress.
  4. For customizing the plugin settings, click on 8 Degree Fly Menu Lite option menu in WordPress left admin menu.
What does this plugin do?

The plugin provides you a set of additional canvas off of your screen to add menus for quick navigation or a quick call to action.

Do I need to design the menus?

Our plugin already have pre available 2 beautiful menu emplates from which you can choose one. And even if you didn’t like any of the form templates, then we have provided an inbuilt menu designer through which you can design the form yourself.

How do I add additional content?

The plugin comes with various places where you can add imple HTMl elements. We have added WYSIWYG editors so that you can manage your content is a familiar environment.

Do I need to now any coding to use this plugin?

If you just want a quick menu in your site, you do not equire any coding. But the plugin is highly customizable if you have the ability to write simple HTML and CSS.

How can I contact you for support?

You can email us at https://8degreethemes.com/support/ as soon as you acquire some questions or problems. We will reply within 24 hours or you can also use our chat support system at http://8degreethemes.com/

How often do I get updates?

We are not fixed on dates, but we assure you to provide you ew updates and feature upgrade in the plugin at regular basis.


I don’t know how the Pro version compare to this one. But this version put plenty of <div> tags in the HTML header. This is really ugly.
31.01.2018 1 ответ
This is a nice free side sliding off canvas menu plugin that seems to be pretty much undiscovered. There’s a fair amount of customisation possible but a few options are missing. Feels like the plugin is unfinished, but it’s not unusable. It’s a bit unintuitive to set up — you have to create a menu, add a new Fly Menu, apply Fly Menu to your menu, then assign your menu to the Fly Menu… but once that’s done, a hamburger icon appears on your website. Eg. you can set background & font colours for hover states, but the current page item is given the hover background and normal font colour, so you can’t flip light onto dark (eg. black background & white text, then white hover background & black hover text). The hamburger button can be customised to some extent but not fully. It would be good if there was the option to insert text beside the icon, eg. if I want it to say «Menu» or «Shop». The button width can be set, but not the height? All these things can be fixed manually with custom CSS but seem strange not to be in the inbuilt customisation settings. There are no responsive settings, so if you only want the toggle on mobile you have to use custom CSS to hide it at higher breakpoints. Background overlays & blur effect do not work for me — I’m using a barebones theme so unlikely it’s conflicting with anything. Again could be unfinished. But it looks nice, the animation is smooth and it solves the problem of building a mobile site with submenus. All in all it’s a nice menu, lightweight, worth a shot.
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  • Changes in about section and added promotional contents.

Version 1.0.2
* Added Pagination page loading for Display settings

Version 1.0.1
* Alpha Color Picker fix for WordPress 4.9

Version 1.0.0
* initial release