Accept Qpay payments Using Contact form 7


The Qpay International provides online payment solutions to businesses in Qatar to accept payments online, globally.

So this plugin helps you to accept payments on your Contact Form 7 using Qpay Payment Gateway.The plugin provides you the option to accept payment only. There is no recurring payment option available.

Features of Accept Qpay payments Using Contact form 7

  • Create multiple payment forms using Contact Form 7.
  • Supports multiple forms on a single post or page.
  • Permits to take values from all input fields including drop-down menu, textbox, hidden field, radio buttons, etc.
  • Accepts dynamic value from frontend for parameters like item amount, email , quantity & billing details.
  • Option to Enable Qpay Sandbox Mode to ensure the functioning of the payment transactions.
  • Saves Contact Form 7 payment data into the database upto 10 Entries.
  • You can view Qpay payment data details at Admin side upto 10 Entries.
  • All filters and search facility are available at admin side.
  • Individual emails are sent to customers and admin after the Qpay payment transaction.
  • [qpay-payment-details] tag added to email content will display Qpay payment response in email.
  • There is an option of Shortcode [qpay-details] to display the transaction ID, transaction amount and payment status after the transaction is made.
  • You can set ‘Success Return URL’ pages to redirect after the payment transaction.
  • You can Use Country field Tag option for display country in drop-down, if you want to go with custom you need to set drop-down value in ISO 3166 ( Examples: GB, IE and DE ), so we prefer to use our tag i.e «Qpay country» for displaying country list.

Features of Accept Qpay payments Using Contact form 7 Pro

We have released the PRO version of this plugin with extra advantageous features added. PRO Version 1.0 Released.

You can find our pro plugin here on this [link] (

  • Facility to import & export the list of entire Qpay unlimited Entries.

  • In the list of Qpay forms entry in admin side you can view payment transactions unlimited Entries.

Plugin Requirement

PHP version : 5.6 and latest
WordPress : WordPress 4.9 and latest

Getting Help With WordPress

If you have any difficulties while using this Plugin, please feel free to contact us at

We also offer custom WordPress extension development and WordPress theme design services to fulfill your e-commerce objectives.

Our professional impassioned WordPress experts provide profound and customer-oriented development of your project within short timeframes.

Thank you for choosing a Plugin developed by ZealousWeb!


  • Qpay Settings and Configuration
  • Qpay Amount Field Configuration
  • Qpay Payment Detail Page
  • Qpay Transaction Detail Page


Installing the plugin is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. From the dashboard of your site, navigate to Plugins —> Add New.
  2. Select the Upload option and hit «Choose File.»
  3. When the popup appears select the file from your desktop.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait till the upload completes.
  5. When it’s finished, activate the plugin via the prompt. A message will display confirming activation was successful.
  6. you can have all detals in mail by adding this shortcode «[qpay-payment-details]» in mail body.

That’s it! Just configure your settings as you see fit, and you’re on your way to creating forms with Qpay in your style.
Are you facing problems while installation? Need help getting things started? Check out the (documentation link)[] here.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to Enable Qpay payment in contact form 7?

For that you need to enable «QPay Enable» option in Qpay tab of that particular contact form.

How to add Qpay payment information in email body?

For that you need to add «[qpay-payment-details]» into your mail message body.

How to display Qpay payment information after successful payment?

For that you need to add «[qpay-details]» in page.


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