Acobot Lead Generation AI Chatbot


Try this plugin if you want to boost sales with your WordPress. It uses AI to engage your website users and help you achieve the following benefits.

⭐ Lead generation
⭐ Conversion optimization

⭐ Reduced bounce rate
⭐ More page views
⭐ Longer time on site

⭐ Knowing customers better
⭐ Enhanced brand image

The best is, it’s fully automated. All you need to do is install and activate this plugin!

Lead Generation

Powered by conversational AI, it greets users, answers their questions, and generates more sales leads than any other WordPress plugin by asking users for their email address or telephone number.

Conversion optimization

Acobot identifies the purpose of your website and nudges users to take the actions that you expect. Just to name a few,

🔑 Signing up
🛒 Placing orders
🤑 Checking out

Conversational Navigation

In addition to question answering, Acobot also helps users with search and navigation, making browsing your WordPress a
conversational experience with fun! You don’t need to install any search plugin any more.

Improving Website Performance

By installing this plugin, you can impress visitors and increase results from your WordPress:

  • Lower bounce rate
  • More page views
  • Longer time on site

Not another chatbot.

It’s AI.

🚀 Outstanding conversational experience.
🚀 Fully automated. Extremely simple to use.

Enable the plugin and the chatbot starts working for you immediately!

See AI chatbot demos.


There are nothing more enaging than a talking avatar powered by AI to web users.

Setting up an avatar is extremely easy. You can choose one from hundreds of stock images with a single click. Or if you want something personalized, upload your own PNG or GIF or simply provide the URL for an online image.

Yes, it supports animated GIF so the only limitaton is your imagination!


  • Add Acobot to your website even when it’s under construction — Let visitors have fun as early as possible!
  • Add Acobot to your 404 or 403 page so when the visitors get lost, the bot can bring them to the right places!

Known limitation

Acobot works only with English website at this time.


  • Chat widget of mordern style
  • Free chatbots
  • Reducing support costs
  • Increasing sales leads


Just follow the standard WordPress plugin installation steps.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/acobot directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Sign up at and create an AI.
  4. Follow the wizard to personalize the widget and get a key.
  5. Provide the key to your WordPress Acobot plugin.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Does this work with a WordPress installed on my local machine?

No. Acobot has no access to your local machine and thus cannot create a personalized Web Assistant for you.


Incredible intelligent robot — Very useful

it was just a few days ago that i installed acobot and i am already satisfied, and my clients too. acobot does an incredible job in quickly increasing my visitors to the website and ensuring a pleasant tour guide. This is really a solution I recommend to all. Thank you acobot 🙂

I Love Acobot!

I love Acobot! It was easy to install and in the first day, it closed three new customers!

Easy to install — Very good manual — Excellent support

Started from a quick and easy installation Acobot, I signed up for 15 Day FREE Trial. Received the password, took a peek inside: The user guide is very good with easy to follow instructions The developer guide is clear, simple & easy to understand, even for the inexperienced developer. Best of all the above is the exceptional support from the developer.

Self-learning bot

The bot learns the website by reading webpages and then is able to answer website related questions from site visitors immediately! Furthermore, the chat widget can be customized easily, with a few clicks!

smart bot

It reads my website and interacts with the visitors. Great work.
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