Этот плагин был закрыт с 24.12.2018, он более не доступен для загрузки. Причина: Нарушение руководства по плагинам.


I lost more than an hour trying to set up this peace of **it. My campaigns every time go to Archive status even I set up everything correctly. Deleted from my plugins..
This plugin can be useful to advertise your way! When I first installed advert, I went for a spin, and tried out some of these features. With Advert, you can still monetize your site,--even without a hassle of these ad networks. Screwed by Google AdSense? Advert will take over. Here are these improvements what I'm suggesting: Custom post type, ad banners needs to be created. Built-in rotator,--so ads can rotate. This is going to be useful for impression-based banners. Dedicated Advertising guidelines settings for the Advert Dashboard. Signup page for advertisers
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