All-in-One WP Migration Folder Excluder


This tiny, open-source plugin provides a missing functionality of All-in-One WP Migration plugin to exclude the selective folders from the backup. It will help keeping the backup file smaller and free from garbage data.

  • It’s a fully open source plugin. Enjoy!

Version 2.5

  1. Some visual improvements are done to understand the settings of the plugin.
  2. Plugin options are moved to > Settings to keep the dashboard clean.
  3. Optimized for WordPress 5.6 and PHP 8.

Version 2.3

  1. Updated the instructions to exclude the folder(s) which might confusing some people

Version 2.2

  1. Updated for WordPress 5.2

Version 2.1

  1. Minor fixes for the bugs
  2. Speed improvement
  3. Added numbers to the folders listings
  4. More clear instructions

Thank you!



I was able to reduce the size from 3 GB to 900 Mb by excluding some big sized folders. Thank you for such a great open-source plugin.
Needed to exclude a LOT of backup directories from All-in-One WP Migration. All-in-One WP Migration Folder Excluder was exactly what I needed. The backup went from 3.3 GB to 340 MB. Thanks!
Thanks a lot. Might be good to say that the folders are relative to wp-content. Thanks
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