Amazon payment services


Amazon payment services makes it really easy to start accepting online payments (credit & debit cards) in the Middle East. Sign up is instant, at

Payment Options

  • Integration Types

    • Redirection
    • Merchant Page
    • Hosted Merchant Page
    • Installments
    • Embedded Hosted Installments
  • Payment methods

    • Mastercard
    • VISA
    • American Express
    • VISA Checkout
    • valU
    • mada
    • Meeza
    • KNET
    • NAPS
    • Apple Pay
    • STCPay
    • Tabby
    • Benefit
    • OmanNet


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Журнал изменений

* New — Benefit and OmanNet are added as a new payment option


* New — Tabby is added as a new payment option
* Fix — mada bin list is updated
* Fix — STCPay tokenization parameter is ignored if tokenization is disabled in config


* New — ToU and Cashback Parameters are added to valU payment option


* Fix — Curl hardening, url validation, follow redirect limitation and recurring API IP fix


* Fix — nonce is introduced at certificate deletion
* Fix — certificate names are generated with hashed strings


* New — valu V2 down payment field added.
* Fix — Healthcheck observation due to open session is fixed


* New — Valu payment option is updated.


* New — New payment option (STC Pay) is integrated.


* Fix — Failed order when back button click from thank you.
* Fix — 3ds redirection handling.
* Fix — Apple Pay button display on dom ready.
* Fix — WC compatibility.


* Fix — Change Ajax calling to support third party plugin.


* Fix — Scheduled task check status call only for APS orders.
* Fix — Redirection issue fixed.
* Fix — Order place checkout js error.
* Fix — Sanitize, Validate and Escape as per wordpress standard.
* New — KNET response fields added on thankyou & admin order detail page.


* Fix — Stop http post of extra params on aps redirection endpoint
* New — Apple Pay : Display store name in apple pay pop is now configurable from admin panel.


* Fix — Apple Pay button implementation with generic function.
* Fix — WC compatibility.
* FIX — Html entity decode, html entites for signature.
* Fix — Plugin enabled in WC payment tab if any of the payment options enabled.
* Fix — Embedded hosted checkout clear card & plan detail while switch between cards.


— Single Card Form Config for Installments and Cards