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After testing about 20 booking plug ins I came across this and it seemed like an easy step by step creation for my client. However, the functionality was not quite right but the developers helped me through the process and tweaked for our specific needs. Super service. Would recommend!
I purchased and installed the Pro version of Appointment Scheduler as it looked to have all the features I wanted.... and more. First use found that the Time Clock could not be changed to 12 hr format. This seems to affect the placement of Appointments on the Calendar as they all bunch up at the start of the day. The action buttons upon completion of the booking screens are so opaque that you cannot read them. Trying to resolve this by reading the documentation, only served to view what I would call a sales pitch versus supporting and detail functional explanation of the options and effects of the choices. I have a support request into Weblizar. Awaiting the response on what is a totally unusable product, at this time.
easy to setup and work excellent and designing of the layout is awesome !!. Great work 🙂
This plugin is good for nothing...I bought PRO version and that was a really bad idea, I should rather give that money to the guy who is waiting for some tip every day in tube entrance.When I took the look to the code which is behind this plugin then I realise why most of the functionalities that I paid for with Pro version does not work properly. It has been written with some beginner programmer..for instance with form tag SELECT is he using CHECKED option for selected value instead of SELECTED. The level of PHP programming is on the same level as it used to be in the year of 2000(but written by a secretary, not programmer).If you want to spend some money for WP plugin, then really don't pay for this one.
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