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Need a lightbox plugin to show various content on any device (from mobile to desktop)? ARI Fancy Lightbox is the right choice.

It uses Fancybox popup to bring lightbox effect to WordPress sites. Use it to show images from native WordPress, NextGEN, FooGallery, Justified Image Grid and Jetpack galleries, photos, videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine, Metacafe services, PDF documents, Google Maps links, inline content, external pages into the lightbox.

It works with WordPress native and Jetpack (tiled, circle) galleries out of the box. Just install and activate the plugin and images from galleries will be opened into fancybox popup.

Easy to use, no need any additional modification of HTML code. Just select media items which want to display into the lightbox (for example YouTube or Vimeo videos) and the plugin attaches lightbox automatically to all appropriate links on your site.

Want demo?

Try the lightbox in action on demo site

«ARI Fancy Lightbox» supports the following features:


  • Mobile friendly. Works well on any device. Supports gestures (tap, zoom, pan and pinch), swipe navigation, inline zoom.

  • Show videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion, Metacafe services into the popup.

  • Integration with NextGEN galleries.

  • Can load get titles from EXIF data or use file names as titles for images.

  • One click integration with WooCommerce. Show WooCommerce product images in fancy lightbox.

  • Automatic integration with WordPress and Jetpack galleries. Photos from galleries will be opened into the lightbox.

  • FooGallery support.

  • Can disable right click for images to avoid copying URLs.

  • Show local PDF files in cross-browser PDFJS viewer.

  • Supports slideshow mode and loop navigation.

  • Can show all external links into the lightbox.

  • Provides UI interface to change lightbox styles.

  • Open content in fullscreen mode.

  • Show thumbnails toolbar for fast navigation between lightbox items.

  • Display inline content and web pages.

  • Supports custom actions and filters. Extend functionality easily.

  • Highly customizable.

  • Uses Fancybox3

Need more features?

Get PRO version.

Premium Features

  • Supports deeplinking. Generates an unique link for each lightbox item and open the lightbox automatically when the link is opened into a browser.

  • Integration with Facebook comment plugin.

  • Share lightbox content via social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, VK. Send by e-mail.

  • Extended parameters for YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion video players (auto-play, related video, fullscreen button and others).

  • Possible to disable the lightbox on small screens.

  • Create splash window via shortcode. The lightbox with the defined content will be opened on page load. Possible to show it only once.

  • Can show external/internal links with target=»_blank» attribute into the popup.

  • Supports integration with Justified Image Grid.

More information can be found in user’s guide.

Featured In The Media

We’ve been featured in 10 Best WordPress Lightbox Plugins for 2017 and Best WordPress Lightbox Plugins.

Have any idea how to improve the plugin? Don’t hesitate to share it here and we will try to implement it in future versions of the plugin.

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  • Lightbox - Image gallery
  • Lightbox - Image gallery with thumbnails
  • Lightbox - Open YouTube video
  • ARI Fancy Lightbox - Settings - Integration tab
  • ARI Fancy Lightbox - Settings - Lightbox tab
  • ARI Fancy Lightbox - Settings - Style tab


  1. Open ‘Plugin -> Add New’ screen in admin part of your WordPress site, type ‘ARI Fancy Lightbox’ in search box and click ‘Install Now’ button to install the plugin or use ‘Upload Plugin’ button on ‘Plugins -> Add New’ screen to upload file and install the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the ‘ARI Fancy Lightbox’ screen to configure the plugin.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Installation Instructions
  1. Open ‘Plugin -> Add New’ screen in admin part of your WordPress site, type ‘ARI Fancy Lightbox’ in search box and click ‘Install Now’ button to install the plugin or use ‘Upload Plugin’ button on ‘Plugins -> Add New’ screen to upload file and install the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the ‘ARI Fancy Lightbox’ screen to configure the plugin.
Where can I see the plugin in action?

On our demo site

Is a detailed documentation available?

Sure, it is available here.

Is the extension compatible with my theme?

«ARI Fancy Lightbox» should work fine with any theme. If any problem occurs, feel free to contact us and we will resolve the problem ASAP.


Not that fancy, but light and handy

ARI Soft has made a light and efficient lightbox based on fancybox 3 – thus, the name. Nevertheless, it’s not “fancy” in the sense of “elaborate” or “extravagant.” That’s both a strength and a weakness. I, for one, don’t need “bells and whistles” in a plugin.
On the other hand, despite its positive features, ARI Fancy Lightbox comes in an unpolished package:

  • ARI Soft’s website is unorganized, you can hardly find your way to the WordPress lightbox. The site also looks like a 5-minute rush job by an amateur.
  • Even worse are the minimalistic description and the instructions for the lightbox. It seems that many users don’t understand how the lightbox works, how to properly integrate it in their sites.
  • There is no really good list of the true advantages of the lightbox – ARI Soft is throwing away money.
  • There are no easy-to-follow instructions, built didactically from scratch to the more intricate points with examples and explanations.
  • The text is in poor, hard-to-understand English – ARI needs to get a native speaker to text this stuff.
  • The questions on the support forums are not converted into a help or FAQ page. If users have a problem, they must go through each single question until they find an answer – if at all.
  • The handling and ordering of the pro version is a catastrophe. After downloading and activating, you can’t even tell that you have the pro version – except by the functions. Nowhere does it say “pro.”
  • More styling options should be available, such as for fonts, font size, horizontal lines (or not), background (not just color), etc. Not a deal breaker, but a quick way to adapt the lightbox to one’s site, without adding ballast.

There’s lots of room for improvement, especially of what I call the “package” – from the ARI website to the description and instructions.
So why a five-star rating? This is why:

  • The ARI Fancy Lightbox works out of the (light) box – immediately.
  • It has no unnecessary ballast – no “bells and whistle” stuff.
  • The pro version is very inexpensive – especially considering that you’re getting a lifetime license.
  • It provides exactly what I was looking for: a means to show the pictures on my website in screen- and full-size, without the need for galleries, carousels, or rollercoasters.

Dear ARI Soft team, I wrote you a mail with some presales questions, which you never answered – not even a confirmation of receipt. I used the contact page on your website. Many would take down a star or more for that. I won’t because I think it’s a website glitch (part of the poor package) or perhaps an oversight. I see on your forums that you try to help solve problems quickly.
Get it together people. Implement my suggestions and turn ARI Fancy Lightbox into the best lightbox for WordPress. You’ve developed a great product. Sell it.

The king of lightboxes

Does exactly what it says on the tin. What really makes it stand out from competition (apart from pinch to zoom which was the main reason i picked this) though is its very fast and professional support. You can expect to get a fast and to the point reply even during the weekend!

Did I mention its very affordable compared to its competitors who seem to offer less for more?

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Участники и разработчики

«ARI Fancy Lightbox — WordPress Popup» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


Перевести «ARI Fancy Lightbox — WordPress Popup» на ваш язык.

Заинтересованы в разработке?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Журнал изменений


  • Fix bug: handle links in image captions as separate links


  • Better FooGallery support


  • Fix bug: «Show info bar» parameter doesn’t disable info bar


  • Improvement: open attachment pages into the lightbox for WordPress galleries


  • Better handling external links in IE


  • Improve Vimeo integration (better handling of Vimeo links)
  • Update Fancybox library


  • Show image title if other is not specified


  • Fix bug: vimeo user links are opened into popup as video link


  • Improve image grouping functionality, each group selector is creating a separate gallery


  • Better compatibility with PHP 7.1+


  • Better FooGallery support


  • Fix bug: attach the lightbox to links in description of post images
  • Update Fancybox library to the latest version


  • Add «Advanced -> Custom JS code» parameter to plugin settings
  • Fix bug: overlay opacity parameter works an incorrectly


  • FooGallery support


  • MP4 video support


  • Use value of «title» attribute as caption into the lightbox


  • Fix bug: ignore tooltip elements for WordPress galleries


  • Improve integration with WooCommerce


  • Add animation/transition effects
  • Use «srcset» attribute for images
  • Remember active tab when save settings
  • Can start slideshow automatically
  • Show/hide navigation buttons at the screen edges
  • Update javascript library


  • Can group images based on CSS selectors
  • Better integration with WooCommerce 3.x


  • Supports integration with WooCommerce 3.x


  • Supports navigation between image attachments


  • Better integration with WooCommerce


  • Improve installer


  • Add «Google Maps -> Show marker» parameter


  • Add actions: ari-fancybox-options-setup, ari-fancybox-enqueue-scripts, ari-fancybox-loaded
  • Add filters: ari-fancybox-default-settings, ari-fancybox-options, ari-fancybox-tabs-options, ari-fancybox-tab-integration-groups, ari-fancybox-tab-lightbox-groups, ari-fancybox-tab-style-groups, ari-fancybox-tab-advanced-groups


  • Load titles from EXIF data


  • Possible to disable right click for image slides into the lightbox
  • Add «Images -> Convert file name to title» option


  • Integration with NextGEN galleries


  • Compatible with WordPress 3.4+


  • Fix bug: YouTube parameter section is disappeared


  • Integration with WooCommerce


  • Add PDF support


  • Supports inline content
  • Optimize loading of javascript files
  • Fancybox library is updated to the latest version


  • Fancybox library is updated to the latest version


  • Integration with Jetpack galleries


  • Initial release