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AudioTyped UX


Many podcast interview transcripts on blog posts are hidden and only visible, if you click a transcript link.
Unfortunaltely the only right to exist for some transcripts on websites are for better traffic from search engines.
The UX Interview Layouts should stop the shadowing existence of online transcripts. In the first place the
transcripts exist for the user, particularly for the deaf-and-dumb users.


  • Set the bubble and font color for host and guest speaker. And settings for the avatars.


Local installation

  1. Upload the /audiotyped-ux/ folder and its contents to your wordpress plugin directory /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Login to your WordPress installation and activate the plugin on the wordpress plugin page

Часто задаваемые вопросы

For which podcast transcripts I can make the settings?

The settings are for interview transcripts with 2 speakers

Nothing happens, when I make settings, what’s wrong?

Probably the transcript is not coded in the UX Interview Layout.
Your interview transcript has to be coded in a specific HTML for the UX Interview Layout.
Soon there will be a documentation with examples.

Is the UX layout still good for SEO?

Yes, because it’s pure HTML Code, the content is crawlable for Google, Bing or other search engines


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Журнал изменений

1.0.1 — 16th February 2019

  • Add font size settings for mobile and desktop

1.0.2 — 17th February 2019

  • Add bubble box shadow blur settings

1.0.3 — 24th February 2019

  • Optimizing for better mobile layout

1.0.4 — 24th February 2019

  • Correction color with update for better mobile layout

1.0.5 — 24th February 2019

  • Update font size in bubbles

1.0.6 — 25th February 2019

  • Avatar size and gap between bubble and avatar for desktop

1.0.7 — 25th February 2019

  • Avatar default size for desktop

1.0.8 — 14th March 2019

  • New feature of mobile avatar image sizing

1.0.9 — 16th March 2019

  • Setting important default values

1.0.10 — 26th March 2019

  • Padding for speech bubbles, gap avatar and speech bubble for mobile

1.0.11 — 29th April 2019

  • Less margin between speaker name and spoken text

1.0.12 — 19th July 2020

  • Host and Guest speaker underlined

1.0.13 — 19th July 2020

  • only the version number

1.0.14 — 20th July 2020

  • correct transcript height

1.0.15 — 20th July 2020

  • transcript background color and padding

1.0.16 — 20th July 2020

  • transcript background color update

1.0.17 — 20th July 2020

  • only the version number

1.0.18 — 20th July 2020

  • transcript background color

1.0.19 — 20th July 2020

  • transcript layout corrections

1.0.20 — 26th July 2020

  • transcript and speaker layout

1.0.21 — 4th August 2020

  • break long words