Awesome Contact Form7 for Elementor


Adds Awesome Contact Form7 for Elementor that are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Elementor Page Builder and Contact form7.

Video tutorial link:

Make a cool contact form in 5 minutes with Awesome Contact Form7 for Elementor



Since updating to WP6.0 my website is not working properly anymore: * landing page via the theme does not work; * using elementor does not work; When I deactivate contact form 7 all works normal again... This issue needs to be taken care of ASAP...
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Журнал изменений


Release Date — 08 october, 2021
Fix some bug
Fix the Admin notification never show message.


Release Date — 19 September, 2021
Fix the Admin notification never show message.


Release Date — 8th September, 2021
Fix front-end edit bug.
Fix Elementor deprecated functions warning.
Check on WordPress version 5.8
Check on latest Elementor version 3.4.3


Release Date — 22 January, 2021

  • Fix date input style
  • Add Title and sub title in form container
  • Add Title and sub title style option


Release Date — 16th December, 2020

  • Add Margin control in button
  • Add Input text color option


Release Date — 15th December, 2020

  • Fix a CSS issue


Release Date — 29th August, 2020

  • Add button hover

= 1.1=
Release Date — 30th September, 2019

-Add form style
-Add new CSS property
-Fix some bug


Release Date — 20th June, 2019

  • Initial Release