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B2BKing — Ultimate WooCommerce Wholesale and B2B Solution — Wholesale Order Form, Catalog Mode, Dynamic Pricing & More

B2BKing — Ultimate WooCommerce Wholesale and B2B Solution — Wholesale Order Form, Catalog Mode, Dynamic Pricing & More


B2BKing is the complete solution for running a Wholesale, B2B or B2B + B2C hybrid store with WooCommerce.

🥇 Highest Rated B2B & Wholesale plugin: 4.98/5 stars from 98+ reviews

🏆 Most Featured B2B Solution — WPLift, WPMayor, Envato, BusinessBloomer, and many other top WP sites have featured B2BKing.

🚀 B2BKing is a bestseller and one of fastest-growing WP plugins. In 2024, it has become the most sold B2B plugin ever on Envato Market.


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B2BKing – #1 WooCommerce B2B and Wholesale Plugin

B2BKing takes care of everything, from basic B2B aspects such as hiding prices for guest users, to complex features such as tiered pricing structures, tax exemptions, VAT handling, multiple buyers per account, wholesale prices, catalog mode, order form, and more.

From an extended business registration and separate B2B/B2C registration forms, to custom billing fields, an invoice payment gateway and negotiated price offers, B2BKing does it all.

Free Plugin: Step-by-Step Guides

👉 How to set different prices for wholesale users

Example: Product costs $199 for B2C buyers, and $179 for B2B buyers.

👉 How to apply a percentage discount on all products

Example: Give B2B buyers a 10% discount on all products with a single rule.

Free Plugin: Key Features

  • Set wholesale prices (different prices for the same product) for simple and variable products.
  • Organize customers into groups and set different prices, discounts or conditions for each group.
  • Set different payment methods for each user or user group.
  • Set different shipping methods for each user or user group.
  • Configure discount percentages (e.g. 10% discount on all products for Wholesale buyers) easily with dynamic rules.
  • View reports for B2B / B2C customers with data on gross and net sales, orders placed, order value, refunds, coupons and more.
  • Works with any WooCommerce-compatible theme
  • Fully translatable with Loco Translate or WPML
  • Email notifications when a new customer requires approval, or when a customer account has been approved.

B2BKing Premium Features

Business Registration & Custom Fields

Through the business registration feature you can configure complex registration forms for your business customers, with 9 types of custom fields available. You can set automatic or manual approval, review applications, and assign customers to specific groups with different pricing and order rules.

  • Multiple registration options, with manual or automatic approval
  • 9 types of custom fields: text, dropdown, number, date, file upload, etc
  • Make specific fields required (e.g. require business license to register)
  • Configure custom forms and add any field (company name, vat number, registration number etc)
  • Fields can be added to billing and checkout forms
  • Shortcodes for B2B registration allow you to setup dedicated registration pages
  • Optional: For EU countries automatically validate VAT numbers (VIES)

Wholesale Order Form

  • 3 Stunning order form themes: Cream, Indigo and Classic
  • Quick AJAX Search allows customers to easily find products
  • Search by product name or by SKU
  • Sort products alphabetically or by best selling status
  • Shortcodes allow you to configure and add it to any page

Private Store

  • Hide prices for logged out users
  • Hide shop & products completely
  • Require logged out users to request quotes
  • Hide prices for specific products only

Supports both B2B, and hybrid B2B + B2C sites

  • Dedicated mode for B2B-only sites
  • Dedicated mode for hybrid B2B + B2C sites
  • In hybrid sites, business features and pricing are visible to B2B users only
  • Can be added to an existing B2C site without affecting existing users

Invoice Payment Gateway

  • Easily adds an invoice payment gateway to your site
  • Customers can order without immediate payment
  • Compatible with popular PDF invoice plugins
  • Enable invoice payments for B2B customers only

Tiered Pricing

  • Easily set up different prices based on quantity ordered
  • Stunning tiered pricing table is automatically generated
  • Tiered price table adapts to any theme
  • Animated graphics highight current price

Custom Information Table

  • Custom table allows you to show any custom info
  • Show MSRP, Shipping info, estimates or any other relevant info
  • Different tables for each group and for b2b / b2c users

Wholesale Prices

  • Show both retail and wholesale prices to your business users
  • Configure amount or percentage discounts
  • Set up different prices directly for each user or group

Content Restriction Shortcode

  • Hide specific content from certain user groups using the content shortcode
  • Show different order conditions, different product descriptions, etc.
  • Apply group-specific CSS to achieve different designs for B2B and B2C users

Conversations & Messaging

  • Plugin adds a conversation and messaging system for business users
  • Users can send inquiries, quote requests and message back-and-forth
  • Can be used to negotiate prices, answer questions and communicate well with business customers
  • Automatic email notifications.
  • Both users and shop can initiate conversations.

Quote Requests

  • Users can request custom quotes for specific products and quantities
  • Quote requests initiate conversations where terms can be discussed
  • You can respond to quote requests with purchasable offers (more info in offers section)
  • 9 types of custom quote fields can be configured

Tax Exemptions

  • Show prices excluding tax to B2B users and including tax to B2C users
  • Remove tax for specific user groups only
  • Tax exempt specific countries only
  • Optionally remove tax based on VIES-validated VAT numbers

Product Visibility Control

  • Hide specific products or categories
  • Hide items from user groups
  • Hide items from individual users (by username)

Purchase Lists

  • Save purchase lists for later usage (e.g. requisition lists)
  • Add lists to cart and save order forms as lists
  • Lists show for each user in My Account panel

Offers & Bundles

  • Send promotional offers with special prices and discounts
  • Respond to quote requests with dedicated offers
  • Negotiate prices and offer special prices for each item
  • Send offers as branded PDFs with your company logo
  • Send offers by email

Minimum and Maximum Order Rules

  • Configure minimum and maximum order quantity or value
  • Can be configured for the entire order, for specific categories, or specific products
  • Can be configured for specific users or groups (e.g. B2C min order = $50, B2B min order = $1000)

Free Shipping Rules

  • Offer free shipping with specific products
  • Set free shipping based on order value
  • Set free shipping differently for B2B & B2C (e.g. B2C = $200 free shipping threshold, B2B = $2000)

CSV Import Export Tools for Pricing

  • Easily configure prices in bulk through our dedicated price import tool
  • Configure wholesale prices and tiered prices for B2C and B2B
  • Integrated with WooCommerce import tool

Package / Box / Carton Quantity Rules

  • Configure a ‘package’ quantity for each product
  • Quantity multiple will be forced automatically.
  • For example if the multiple is set to 6 for a product, the qty will go to 6, 12, 18, etc.

Quick Orders via CSV Upload

  • Easily add products to cart in bulk through a CSV upload
  • Enter SKUs and product quantities in a CSV file

Coupon Usage Restriction for B2B & B2C

  • Allow specific coupons for B2B, specific user groups, or B2C users only

Purchase Order Gateway

  • Adds a purchase order gateway
  • Customers enter their PO number during checkout
  • Can be enabled for B2B users only

Separate Stock for B2B & B2C

  • You can configure different stock quantities for each product for B2B and B2C users
  • You can hide stock info for B2C users and show exact quantities to B2B users only
  • Products can be Always in Stock for B2B users
  • Enable backorders for B2B-users only

Subaccounts & Employee Accounts

  • Each business account can create subaccounts (e.g. employee accounts)
  • Parent accounts can configure names, account details and permissions for subaccounts
  • Multiple company accounts can collaborate on a conversation, order or purchase list
  • Parent accounts can view subaccount orders, lists, etc.

Company Order Approval

  • When an employee account places an order, it will be sent for approval to the parent account
  • Parent accounts can choose whether to enable or disable approval
  • Parent account can approve or reject an employee order
  • Parent account can pay for subaccount orders

Customer-Specific Pricing

  • You can set prices for specific products and specific individual users (by username).
  • Through wholesale prices you can also configure prices for entire user groups or group discounts

Custom Taxes and Fees

  • You can add and configure custom taxes and fees through rules
  • These can be applied to specific users or user groups only

Payment Method Min and Max Order

  • Set a minimum or maximum value or qty for each payment method
  • For example B2C can use Cash on Delivery for Maximum $500, B2B can use Cash on Delivery for max $2000
  • For example Bank Transfer is enabled for $2000+ orders only

Customer Group Rules

  • Automatically promote users across groups when they hit certain targets
  • For example when a user has ordered $100,000+, you can move them from ‘Normal group (5%) discount’ to ‘VIP group (10% discount)’

Payment Method Discounts & Surcharges

  • Configure a discount or a surcharge for paying with certain methods
  • For example configure a 5% surcharge (increased price) when paying with PayPal
  • For example give a 10% discount to B2B users when paying with Credit Cards

Complex Dynamic Rules

  • Rules can be set for specific products, categories, users and groups
  • Hidden Price rule
  • Buy X Get 1 Free rule
  • Non-Purchasable rule
  • Set Currency rules
  • Raise prices rules
  • many more options

Powerful Add-ons

  • Company Credit — Extend a line of credit to your business users

  • Dokan — Enable B2B & wholesale for Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

  • WCFM — Enable B2B & wholesale for WCFM Multivendor Marketplace

Powerful Integrations

  • SalesKing — Powerful Sales Reps & Sales Agents Plugin — Agents can place orders on behalf of your B2B customers

  • MarketKing — Powerful Multivendor Marketplace Plugin — Build a WooCommerce B2B Marketplace using both B2BKing and MarketKing

And much more…

  • Many more features and integrations across features
  • New features constantly added. Get in touch with us for pre-sales questions.

👉 Get B2BKing — The Ultimate WooCommerce Wholesale & B2B Plugin

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🎉 «Easily the best solution for B2B functionality for WordPress. This one ticks all the boxes for a rich feature-set, ease of use, nice user interface, no issues or bugs whatsoever, and the professional and timely customer service.»

🎉 «I was looking a long time for something like b2bking. It is an absolute game changer at woocommerce and b2b solutions. The support cannot be better:)»

🎉 «B2BKing is easy to configure, looks professional, is seemlessly integrated into an existing WordPress & WooCommerce environment, and best of all, it has superb customer support. Excellent product and experience.»

🎉 «Great Plug-in with all the functions a B2B shop may need. It was ideal for our Company since we use a multisite with retail and separate B2B shop that we need it to be hidden. Thank you also for the great and fast Support.»

🎉 «This plugin is by far the most promising! In order to do what this plugin does, you have to install many plugins, which costs money and are heavy. Lite with nice and easy UI»

🎉 «This is the best B2B plugin in the market — but not only that the plugin is amazing — and the customer support is out of the world — I wish that every plugin authors would have 10% of the care and support — I highly recommend buying this plugin if you need to sell to vendors and B2C.»


  • Wholesale Order Form
  • Wholesale Prices
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Tiered Pricing Table
  • User Approval / Rejection
  • Product Visibility
  • Settings Page
  • Custom Quote Request
  • Website Restriction for Guests


  1. Go to: Plugins > Add New > Upload > select the plugin zip and click «Install Now»
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to «B2BKing» in the left side menu
  4. Go to «Settings -> Main Settings» and enable the plugin
  5. To set wholesale prices, you can set these in each product page, for each b2b group (B2BKing->Groups->Business Groups).
  6. To control payment and shipping methods, you can do so for each b2b group in B2BKing->Groups.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can B2BKing be added to an existing B2C site without affecting existing customers?

Yes! B2BKing has a dedicated ‘B2B & B2C Hybrid’ mode. This allows you to add it to your site without affecting the experience of B2C users. B2B features would only be available to B2B users after they login.

Is this for B2B-only sites? Can it support B2B + B2C ?

B2BKing is ideal for both types of sites, and has 2 dedicated modes, one for each of these situations.

Can I hide prices for logged out users?

Yes, B2BKing has an easy to use feature that hides prices until users login. More info here

Can I hide prices on specific products only?

Yes, you can do this with B2BKing’s ‘Hidden Price’ dynamic rules. These can be configured for specific products, and even specific users or user groups.

Can I set a minimum order?

Yes, you can use B2BKing’s Minimum Order rules to set minimum order quantities as well as minimum order values.

Can I set a package / box / carton quantity?

Yes, B2BKing has ‘required multiple’ dynamic rules that can force a certain quantity multiple. So for example if you set it to 8 for a specific product, users will only be able to purchase multiples of 8 and the quantity field will go from 8, to 16, 24, 32, etc.

Can I set wholesale prices or different prices for different groups?

Yes! B2BKing has a powerful dedicated feature for this. Not only that, B2BKing also has tiered pricing and a tiered pricing table, allowing you to offer better prices as the quantity ordered increases.

Can I set customer-specific pricing?

Yes, you can create ‘Fixed Price’ dynamic rules, which allow you to select individual users (by username), specific products and specific prices. These rules can also be created via REST API quickly.

Can I hide some products completely for some users?

Yes! B2BKing can not only hide price, but it can also hide products entirely using the plugin’s visibility module. This can be configured for specific products, categories, users or user groups. More info here


I have over 30 paid plugins across my 5 websites, and WebWizards support is by far the most responsive and generous support I’ve encountered. I would buy any plugin they release before going to a competitor. Highly recommend!
This plugin is complete solution for our B2B system. The support is also the best, they can solve most of our problem.
This plugin has a skilled developer(s) that helps you beyond the usual support loop you can get thrown in. They understand your questions and answer them with solutions that are either excellent snippets or even add your requests to their next plugin version. Love Developers like this!! Keep up the great work!
A plugin that meets expectations, and that’s just the beginning. The best thing is the service. They always respond to requests for help. Their answers are always very helpful and solve my problems. I highly recommend
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