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Layer Slider


Layer slider is a layer image slider plugin to create responsive slider with image and text layer.

Lite Version Demo

Pro Version of slider

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Basic Layer slider Features

  1. Layer slider is a responsive slider
  2. Single Image Layer
  3. Multiple Text Layer slider
  4. Background Image option for each slide
  5. Create Unlimited slider
  6. Text custom settings in slideshow option
  7. Image Layer Custom Settings in slider option
  8. 9 Animaton Effects settigs in slider option

If you face any error in slideshow kindly contact here Wpacme

Pro Version Features

  1. Unlimited Image Layer for each slider
  2. Text layer settings for each layer.
  3. Image layer settings for each slider
  4. Easing effect for Image layer
  5. Easing effect for text layer
  6. Individual animation for each image and text layer
  7. Layer slider Custom css
  8. 1 year support and updates
  9. Use Layer slider on unlimited domains

Pro version Advantages


Layer slider is Mobile responsive slideshow.Layer slideshow plugin is optimized to function on almost any device. So you can spend less time worrying about how people are searching your site, and more about what they’ll discover.


Layer slider plugin have custom css option.So you can customize slideshow style as per your wordpress theme. create slider with fully customizable design. Layer slideshow allows you to create your plugin precisely the way you’d like it. Select slider and adjust colors, background design, borders and edges, and lots more. Match the rest of your website perfectly, with no more coding confusion or pricey designer fees.


It’s a tough world out there, but you don’t need to go it alone.layer slider customer support team is made up of top notch people,there’s great email support available any time,We are here to help you!

Layer Slider for WordPress is a high quality image layer and content layer slider for WordPress, with smooth animations and transitions.

It’s a fully responsive and device friendly layer slider which works perfect on all major devices.Layer slideshow is an awesome layer slideshow, with the ability of adding any image or text layers. You almost have everything in Layer slideshow which is the most complete among the best products, featuring thumbnails, variety of effects and much more.


In layer slider Pro version there is no limit on using the slider plugin in various domains.No need to purchase additional license.So developer can use this slider in unlimited domains for their clients.

Layer slider is a Layer based image slider plugin for WordPress.It is a responsive image and text layer slider plugin. Layer Slider Slideshow plugin have admin settings for image and text layers.layer Slider slideshow plugin is fully responsive to create custom slider with Image and texts. Layer Slider Slideshow plugin have built in animation effects for image and text layers.Layer slider slideshow have background options for each slide.Layer slider slide show plugin allows you to create unlimited sliders.

Layer slider plugin is easy way to create your site image slides in minutes without any html or coding knowledge.You can create unlimited sliders.Layer slider slideshow allows you to use it on any wordpress projects without any restriction.This Slider Plugin supports any device.Aslo we provide free support.

Layer slider plugin allows you to create animated and presentation image slider like powerpoint.You can add unlimited text layer for each slide.You can add background image for each slide. Layer slider type is a latest slider function to create corporate and smooth image slider in your website.

layer slider is widely used is wordpress websites.Slider is a modern animation and smooth slider.Slider plugins have more than 1000 active installs.Slider plugin provides free support to all users.Slider supports all devices like mobile,tablets and iphones.Slider plugin is more smooth and light wait.

Layer slider plugin are widely used for corporate and smooth responsive website to looks better and modern.

If need support for image slider kindly contact here Wpacme.com

Steps to create slider

  1. Install the slider plugin.
  2. Click on Bee Sliders menu
  3. Add New slider
  4. Add your slider title

Image Layer

  1. Select your slide layer type image
  2. Select your slide background image.
  3. Select your slide image
  4. Select your slide image in animation and out animation
  5. define animation delay with multiples of 100’s
  6. define your image top and left position with multiples of 100’s

Text Layer

  1. Select your slide layer type text
  2. Type your text.
  3. Select your slide text in animation and out animation
  4. define animation delay with multiples of 100’s
  5. define your text top and left position with multiples of 100’s


  • slider Front View
  • Admin slider pages
  • Admin slider Options


  1. Upload bee-slider.zip from the plugins—>Add New—>Upload
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place [bee-slider id=your slider id] in your page or post
  4. Place <?php echo do_shortcode("[bee-slider id=your slider id]"); ?> in your templates

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Installation Instructions
  1. Upload bee-slider.zip from the plugins—>Add New—>Upload
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place [bee-slider id=your slider id] in your page or post
  4. Place <?php echo do_shortcode("[bee-slider id=your slider id]"); ?> in your templates
Is your layer slider Responsive ?

Yes,this layer slider plugin is responsive.

Is there any settings for slider ?

Yes,There are general,text layer and image layer settings are in slider option.

How many slider can create ?

You can create unlimited slider.


This plugin, I bought the Pro version, is not very user friendly, there are lots of better (free) options.
Back end need to improve more,but front end working smoothly also pro version have unlimited image layers and price also cheap.
It is working fine. Even drag and drop option is not available. simple and best
23.11.2016 1 ответ
Why on earth this plugin appears to be on top of my plugin suggestions when i search for a proper slider. Did you guys even develop a plugin? Total crap indeed. You create blank sliders only with no views, functionality or settings. Couple layers do no justice.
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