Beer Blocks


Beer Blocks

Power-up the Gutenberg editor with advanced and powerful blocks that help you build websites very fast! Beer blocks is free, and always will be!

Beer Blocks implements the grid system and components of the Bootstrap 4 Framework. It also contains a block that allows you to insert Font Awesome 5 icons, and contain other usefull blocks, such as, Info Box, Advanced Header, Section, etc. Finally you can use Google Fonts font families in paragraphs, headers and other block types of Beer Blocks.

Simply select a block within the Beer Blocks category and you will notice that it will allow you customize it very easily.


  • screenshot-1.jpg


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/beer-blocks directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress.
  3. And that’s all! Enjoy the plugin!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

What do you mean with «implements Bootstrap 4 components»?

Beer Blocks come with many blocks that represent the components of Bootstrap 4, such as Alert, Jumbotron, Accordion, Button, etc.

What do you mean with «implements Bootstrap 4 grid system»?

The Bootstrap 4 framework has a powerful grid system, which allows us to create beautiful responsive websites. Beer Blocks has four types of blocks that perfectly represent Bootstrap’s grid system: Grid, Container, Row, and Col.

Has Beer Blocks a block type that allow us insert some icons in the editor?

The answer is yes!! It has a block type with all Font Awesome 5 free icons available in Font Awesome web page.

Can I change the font family and font weight of blocks that have text?

Yes, of course! You can choose any of the font families available in Google Fonts.


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Журнал изменений


  • Release


  • Fix fa-icon block type


  • Fixed accordion-item block type markup bug
  • Added Opened toggle field in accordion-item block type for show the accordion item contents as default
  • Added body border setting fields in accordion-item block type
  • Improves in fa-icon block type
  • Added Block level element type toggle field in fa-icon for display it as an Inline Element or Block Element
  • Fixed border.js helper bug
  • Removed parent attribute in fa-icon block type
  • Added new translations in es_ES language
  • Updated readme.txt


  • Code improvements
  • Remove BeerBlocks\Helpers\Globals\enqueue_editor_assets helper function hooked in enqueue_block_editor_assets action
  • Fix BeerBlocks\Helpers\Globals\create_blocks_category helper function
  • Add BeerBlocks\Helpers\Globals\register_shared_dependencies function used in BeerBlocks\Helpers\Globals\register_block_types helper to register beer-blocks-editor-script and beer-blocks-editor-style dependencies of all block types
  • Add Beer Blocks svg icon into the post settings panel


  • Code improvements
  • Remove Google Fonts API Key settings and fields as it is no longer necessary
  • Remove Beer Blocks Post Settings Panel in the block editor
  • Replace the Font Family text field, used in blocks, with a dropdown wich has font families from Google Fonts and web safe fonts families
  • Add Load Google Fonts settings with a checkbox field
  • Fix javascript errors in Widget Admin Area
  • Added new translations in es_ES language
  • Update file


  • Add clear button on font families dropdown
  • Fix controls styles in Instruction block type


  • Code improvements
  • Fix Load Google Fonts checkbox field in plugin page settings


  • Code improvements
  • Add inner-border.js helper wich allows to create an inner border inside blocks in top and bottom sides
  • Add traductions in es_ES
  • Add new features in border.js helper
  • Add inner-border.js controls in beer-blocks/container block type for create inner borders


  • Code improvements
  • Update Bootstrap version 4.6.0 to 4.6.1
  • Update translations in es_ES language
  • Fix !issue #1
  • Fix !issue #2
  • Fix !issue #3


  • Code improvements in beer-blocks/accordion block type
  • Code improvements in beer-blocks/instructions block type
  • Remove extra padding in beer-blocks/header when set background color
  • Remove extra padding in beer-blocks/paragraph when set background color


  • Add beer-blocks/tabs and beer-blocks/tab-pane blocks
  • Add new features in Borders panel settings section
  • Add Load Bootstrap scripts in Editor settings field
  • Update settings fields labels and descriptions
  • Update translations in es_ES language
  • Update
  • Change beer-blocks/jumbotron block type icon
  • Code improvements in border.js helper
  • Remove unused styles
  • Remove build directory from git workflow


  • Add default margin-top and margin-bottom (0px) to the following blocks for the editor view only:
    • beer-blocks/button
  • Add default margin-top and margin-bottom (20px) to the following blocks for the editor view only:
    • beer-blocks/row
    • beer-blocks/header
    • beer-blocks/paragraph
  • Add default margin-top and margin-bottom (0px) to the following blocks for the frontend only:
    • beer-blocks/row
  • Add default margin-top and margin-bottom (20px) to the following blocks for the editor view and the frontend:
    • beer-blocks/tabs
    • beer-blocks/fa-icon
    • beer-blocks/separator
    • beer-blocks/grid
    • beer-blocks/container
    • beer-blocks/advanced-header
    • beer-blocks/accordion
    • beer-blocks/alert
    • beer-blocks/buttons
    • beer-blocks/section
    • beer-blocks/jumbotron
  • Add default margin-top and margin-bottom (0px) to the following blocks for the editor view and the frontend:
    • beer-blocks/tab-pane
    • beer-blocks/column
  • Add spacing settings in beer-blocks/fa-icon block
  • Add the Beer Blocks icon in the menu item linked to the plugin settings page
  • Remove margin styles in the global editor.css stylesheet, which was removing the default extra margins of wordpress blocks


  • Add frontend styles to beer-blocks/accordion block type
  • Add frontend styles to beer-blocks/tab-pane block type
  • Add new translations in es_ES language
  • Fix block types dependencies array in the register_block_types function


  • Add Default selected tab setting in beer-blocks/tabs block type
  • Add new grid breakpoint: XXL (more than 1400px)
  • Add Direction option (up or down) to Triangle settings on Separator block type
  • Add Typography responsive feature to all block types
  • Add Dimension responsive feature to all block types
  • Add Spacing responsive feature to all block types
  • Add new translations in es_ES language
  • Update Bootstrap 4 reboot styles in editor view
  • Change buttons icons in Border panel settings
  • Change buttons icons in Border Radius panel settings
  • Fix beer-blocks/separator styles in frontend and editor view
  • Code improvements


  • Add verticalMarginRules mixin in helpers.scss file
  • Remove left and right margin settings in beer-blocks/container block type
  • Remove left and right margin settings in beer-blocks/instruction block type
  • Fix beer-blocks/section js error bug
  • Fix beer-blocks/info-box spacing settings bug
  • Fix beer-blocks/separator bug in styles.scss
  • Fix beer-blocks/tabs and beer-blocks/tab-pane js error bug
  • Code improvements


  • Fix sass files
  • Add new block beer-blocks/image
  • Add new translations in es_ES language
  • Add new features and helpers in all blocks
  • Update Bootstrap version 4.6.1 to 4.6.2
  • Major changes
  • Code improvements


  • Update Fontawesome version 5.15.3 to 5.15.4
  • Fix editor styles in paragraph block type when using line height control
  • Fix !issue #4
  • Code improves in flexbox helper
  • Code improves in grid helper
  • Apply changes and improves in row and column block types



  • Add new helper features using the new html-attrs helper
  • Add html-attrs helper in all blocks
  • Update react-icons package from 4.6.0 to 4.10.1
  • Improves in colors helper wich allows remove default background and color values in block styles
  • Improves in spacing helper
  • Improves in typography helper
  • Improves in size helper
  • Improves in border helper
  • Improves in flexbox helper
  • Improves in statuses helper
  • Fix all blocks styles due to helpers improves
  • Fixes in button block
  • Set margin-top: revert and margin-bottom: revert to all blocks in the editor view
  • Remove buttons block