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A Free SEO Site Audit For Woocommerce by Benchmark Hero


Looking to grow your Woocommerce store? You’ve landed in the right place!
A detailed SEO site audit will give you a deeper understanding as to why your store is not generating the traffic you think it should or why your sales and conversions are not improving. This free site audit is based on large stores (7 and 8 figures) benchmark.

How does ‘Benchmark Hero’ work?

  • SEO Site Audit — upon your approval, our system will audit and rank your site for business, marketing, technical and eCommerce purposes.
  • Benchmark — each segment will be compared with the results of 7 and 8 figures eCommerce stores.
  • Action Items — the system will guide you through actionable items per each segment, so that you can improve your store’s performance today.

Below you’ll find a few of the parameters we will check in this free SEO site audit:

  • Your Customers Value
  • What is the percentage of your recurring customers?
  • What is the lifetime value of your customers?
  • How fast is your site?
  • How faster can it be?
  • How much more sales can that bring you?
  • How trustworthy is your web store?
  • How do customers see your site?
  • How does Google scan your site?
  • How can you easily improve it?


Shopping experience
Does your product description have the optimal length? Are you running enough promotions? Are you providing the shopping experience your clients are expecting?
If you are not, we will guide you through!

Trustworthy store
Does your store carry the relevant badges and reviews that would make it trustworthy? Does it state the info that would reassure your customers and put you on good terms with Google? If not, we will guide you through!

Technical performance
Are your images optimized for both desktop and mobile? Does your store upload time meet the requirements of both your customers and Google? If it’s not, we will guide you on how to adjust it.

Are you taking advantage of all relevant advertising methods for your store? Whether it is Facebook, Google Ads, Shopping or Remarketing, we will guide you through, and even take that burden off your shoulders should you want us to.

Get helpful analysis that you could base your business decisions upon, install the Benchmark Hero now – it’s free!
If you have any questions/feedback, please send an email to support@storeya.com


StoreYa support


  1. Install plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Perform action items from the report to improve your ecommerce shop


In a very short period of time this app served me for 2 purposes: Improving my own store’s conversion rate — the insights I received were straight to the point and easy to embrace. BI — seeing what the competitors in my niche are doing or not doing which is highly valuable info for me!
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