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Better HipChat


This plugin allows you to send notifications to HipChat rooms when certain events in WordPress occur. By default, there are three events that can be sent to HipChat:

  1. When a post needs review (status transitioned to ‘pending’)
  2. When a post is published
  3. When there’s a new comment

It’s possible to add more events using hipchat_get_events filter.

Development of this plugin is done on GitHub. Pull requests are always welcome.

There’s a HipChat plugin that’s released by HipChat. Unfortunately there’s no repository that allows me to make contribution to that plugin. In latest release, v1.2, the official plugin only notifies one room whenever a post is published and uses old REST API. Better HipChat plugin is developed to remove the limitations that official plugin has.


  • Integrations list. Yes, you can add more than one integration.
  • Edit integration screen.
  • Your room get notified when some events occur.


  1. Upload Better HipChat plugin to your blog’s wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate.
  2. Get Room Notification Token in your HipChat, the URL is https://<SUBDOMAIN>.hipchat.com/admin/rooms (replace <SUBDOMAIN> with your HipChat’s subdomain). Click the room that you want to be notified. On the left sidebar there’s Tokens link. Put the label in which it will be used as the name of the notifier. Note the generated token.
  3. Go to Better HipChat menu in your WordPress to add the integration (make sure you’re logged in as an Administrator).


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