BF Advanced Images


With this plugin you can create images on demand. You can disable default image sizes so
each image you upload won’t be copied multiple times with different size. You can create your sizes for images and
size will be created when you call image and not on upload.


Upload ‘bf-advanced-images’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory

Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

How this plugin works

  1. Removing default image sizes

You can disable default image sizes so when uploading an image only original image will be uploaded

  1. Adding new cached image sizes

You can create as many image size you want and only when you use this image size image with this size will be created.

if ( function_exists( 'bfai_register_image_sizes' ) ) {
    bfai_register_image_sizes( array(
        'image_200'     => array( 200, 0 ),
        'image_350_200' => array( 350, 200 ),
        'image_150_200' => array( 150, 200 ),
    ) );
  1. Creating image sizes on demand

When image is called it will generate image size for that image

Example 1:

bfai_get_image_by_size_name( int $attachment_id, string $size_name, bool $crop = false);


(string)(required) -> name of size name registered with bfai_register_image_sizes function


$image_url = bfai_get_image_by_size_name( $attachment_id, 'image_200', true);

Example 2:

bfai_get_image_by_custom_size( int $attachment_id, array $sizes, bool $crop = false);


(array)(required) -> Add integer width and height separated with comma


$image_url = bfai_get_image_by_custom_size( $attachment_id, array( 200, 0 ), true );

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Release Date — 27 October 2021
First Release


Release Date — 22 November 2021

  • New — Added WP CLI Commands