Set WooCommerce Payment Gateway by URL


Add ?payment_gateway=preferred_gateway_id to links in emails you send to your customers, and when they reach the
checkout, that will be the selected payment gateway.

A WordPress filter exists so the text in the URL can be set to whatever you prefer.

Technical detail is on GitHub.


  • Demonstration link for using the plugin
  • Demonstration link in context where it can be found
  • The plugins.php entry
  • Demonstration of the WooCommerce Customer Payment Page link being automatically updated


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Журнал изменений


  • Fix: patches not applied to dependencies, fatal error


  • Add: link to WooCommerce/Settings/Payments as «Gateways» link on plugins.php
  • Add: wp_options setting for log level
  • Dev: change autoloader
  • Remove: build/dev files unintentionally included in archive


  • Update project structure


  • Also set WC_Payment_Gateway::chosen on all active gateways
  • Add payment gateway to admin order UI Customer payment page link


  • Bugfix: Moved to later hooks to fix WC_Order error in other plugins when WC_Payment_Gateways::instance() was run before the CPT was registered.


  • deployment had missed some files


  • A modest publication