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This is - hands down - the most intuitive, easy, understandable, efficient and thought-through plugin I ever stumbled across. What is even more surprising, is the support from the developers. Whenever I had a problem, they reacted literally within minutes. For instance, I stumbled across a minor problem provoked by a third party addon "polylang", which of course has nothing to do with the booking plugin. Guess what, they downloaded the third-party addon, tested and removed the problem in the next update. Kudos.
Very good plugin. Few plugins extensive like this one. Good support. They keep improving its functionality further. I hope they will be able to incorporate a time buffer so that people can't book a service 5 minutes in advance. Better have a day's notice.
The plugin works well and does an excellent job. While lacking the bells and whistles of some paid plugins, the free version does the job and does it well. In addition, the tech support was second to none. A small problem in the current version was corrected within one day. Highly recommended.
Make a file ."pot" to translate it please! After each plugin update I re-translate all plugin files...((
I had an issue on my site using the calendar, support responded quickly with the solution. They made it so easy for me to update my site. Also the plugin is easy to use and looks great. Thank you so much, I really recommend this plugin for all your booking needs.
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