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Connect your Booqable account to your WordPress website

Booqable is the all-in-one rental software for your orders, inventory, documents, and payments. It’s the complete toolkit for running your rental business.

This plugin connects your WordPress website to your Booqable account, so you can add online booking functionality to your website and start renting out your products online.

Note: You need a Booqable subscription to use this plugin. Learn more about Booqable and its pricing at

Add your products

Use shortcodes to show your rental products on any WordPress page. Booqable supports categories, variations, bundles, multiple images, and flexible pricing settings.

Real-time availability

Get a booking calendar with real-time inventory availability. Whether you receive orders online or in-person, Booqable keeps your inventory in sync to avoid overbooking.

Hosted checkout

Wake up to an inbox full of paid orders or let your customers request a quote. Provide a fast checkout experience, collect customer information, and automatically send booking confirmations.

Online payments

Integrate with Stripe and PayPal to accept credit cards and many local payment methods. Choose exactly what’s due at checkout, charge security deposits, and accept coupon codes.

Get started

Install the plugin, connect to your Booqable account, and add your products. Don’t have a Booqable account? You’ll get a free 14-day trial and can upgrade your account at any time.


  • Product cards, date picker, and categories
  • Rental product with real-time availability
  • Intuitive shopping cart and checkout experience
  • Online payment methods


Sign up for a Booqable account here if you haven’t already.

To connect the plugin to your Booqable account, you’ll need to enter your company ID.

In Booqable:
1. Go to Settings > Online reservations > Installation
2. Click WordPress Plugin
3. Copy your Company ID

Then, in WordPress:
4. Click Settings > Booqable
5. Paste your company ID in the corresponding field

To embed products:
— In Booqable: make sure you have at least one rental product
— In WordPress: Embed a product, product button, or product list on any page or post using shortcodes


We have been using Booqable as a service to help us manage our rental inventory and process for three years, it's been working very well for our business. The plugin helps you integrate Booqable with your WordPress website and works really well for us. It is not a free service but it's not a scam either like someone commented below. It's a very well functioning rental management CRM system.
you didn't mentioned about 14 day free trial at all in description. please don't make us waste our time
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