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Gets the message across, where you want it, when you want it, how you want it. Great, lightweight plugin. Does what it needs to do without a lot of dead weight.
I really like this bulletin plugin, it's the best I’ve seen! It’s so easy to use and set up, I like the fact that you can schedule banners, place the banners in any one of the 4 different places on your website. I chose header position to ensure it's on every page. You have a choice of different colours and fonts, scrolling across the website, up or down and you can also add a website link on a button. Check it out, I started by trialling it, liked it so bought the PRO version, in my opinion, it’s well worth the money. Thank you Michiel Waaijer for a great plugin
I use this plugin to add flash announcements to different pages. It works really well and bulletins can now be scheduled! Support is also super quick. I'm so glad I found this plugin 🙂
Thank you for this plugin. This is exactly what I needed so I could place a banner at footer area. Great job and thanks for keeping it easy for people to use. You've done such a great job I will upgrade just to support your great work.
We need a plugin that would cycle through reviews customers have about our product. I had tried a few, but they didn't quite do what we were looking for, or they looked bad. I tried out Bulletin and knew this would do the trick. There were some small bugs that were odd, BUT, I reached out to support and Michiel very quickly responded. They had a patch that fixed my issue in a timely manner. Michiel even was willing to help me code a few things to get me on track. What amazing customer service! If you are on the fence about which plugin to get, look no further. This is the one.
This plugin author did a fantastic job of providing a way to alert your customers of irregular hours or delays in shipping products, or any other need for alerts. The *only thing* it didn't provide was a way to target individual pages by ID, but that's not really required in most cases of an alert message. THANK YOU sir/madam for your time saving code!
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