Bullhorn Career Portal WordPress Plugin


A simple, lightweight WordPress plugin that adds Career Portal to any page in your WordPress install by adding a snippet into the content of any page.


Getting your Career Portal to show up in WordPress is easy. Simply add and customize the following script to any page:


Then, use the new plugin configuration to set your Career Portal settings.

Required Parameters

  • Corp Token — Your Bullhorn corporation token. We give you this when you’re Bullhorn CRM has Career Portal enabled.
  • Swim Lane — Your Bullhorn swimlane (also provided by Bullhorn).
  • Accepted Resume Types — The resume types you want to support.
  • Locale — Language of your Career Portal.
  • Default View — The default layout of your Career Portal.
  • Gender Race & Ethnicity Field — Shows or hides the gender/race/ethnicity field for EEOC purposes
  • Veteran Status Field — Shows or hides the veteran field for EEOC purposes
  • Disability Field — Shows or hides the disability field for EEOC purposes

Don’t have these? Reach out to Bullhorn’s support staff. They can get these
to you in a heartbeat.

Optional Parameters

  • Company Name — The name you want to appear in the header of your Career Portal.
  • Height — iFrame height attribute.
  • Width — iFrame width attribute.
  • Scrollable — iFrame scrollable attribute.
  • Linked In Client ID — Your LinkedIn Client ID (to enable apply with LinkedIn)


Please feel free to fork this and hack on it. It’s a free contribution to the Bullhorn and WordPress communities. If you have suggestions or requests, please create a Github issue.


Simply download the latest release and extract it into your plugins directory or search for it via WordPress plugins.


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