Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation


This is one of the best and simple bus booking plugin in WordPress directory, Its used Woocommerce for making payment so Its freedom to use any payment gateway via WooCommerce. This plugin will run with Woocommerce but it will work as event post it will not take any effect on woocommerce products so if you want you can sale your product along with it.

✅ Support Any Payment Method That support WooCommerce
✅ Intermediate bus route booking works with different Price
✅ Return booking also Possible
✅ Shortcode Powered
✅ Unlimited Bus
✅ Unlimited Category
✅ Unlimited Boarding Point
✅ Unlimited Dropping Point
✅ Unlimited Pricing
✅ Open Source
✅ Responsive Design
✅ Developer Friendly
✅ Based on Woocommerce
✅ Works with any standards compliant WordPress theme
✅ Plays well with other Plugins
✅ 100% Customizable
✅ Easy to modify templates
✅ Template Override feature.
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Shortcodes included withBus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation

To display the search form:


You can add this shortcode to any page where you like to add search form. and then you have to create another page for search result with slug /bus-search-list/ and shortcode


normally this page create automatically during installation so make sure you have a page bus search list and this page selected from settings->bus search page option.

we have some other shortcode that you may need to display bus list

[wbtm-bus-list cat=''show='10']

here show 10 means it will display 10 bus in list, you can change as needed

By default showing all bus, but if you want to show bus list of a particular category you can use this attribute, just put the category id with this. example:

[wbtm-bus-list cat='ID']

We have dummy import option and guideline. if you check welcome link left sidebar of our plugin. you will dummy import guideline.

There is a PRO Addon available for this plugin. Features are available in PRO Addon are below:

✅ Bus Search Form Shortcode.
✅ Passenger Form, Select passenger form for particuar bus.
✅ Get Passenger List in Dashboard.
✅ Purchase Ticket from dashboard
✅ Filter Passenger List by Bus and Date.
✅ Create Tickt by Ticket pin in Dashboard.
✅ Successfully Purchased Ticket List in My Account Section in Frontend
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Live Demo
Online Documentation

Available Bus Theme with import feature
Bahon -Bus booking Theme


We do best support for our plugin, we have fully confidence that our plugin working very well for any theme. in case you face any problem with our plugin or any customization needed please email us: magepeopleteam@gmail.com
our support team will back to you shortly.

Multipurpose Ticket Booking Manager (Bus/Train/Ferry/Boat/Shuttle)

Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation
Woocommerce Events Manager
Advanced – Deposit & Partial Payments
Tour & Travel Booking Manager

> Translation Ready.

> Bangla Language added

> Offday issue fixed in Details Page

. — 17 Dec 2018*


  • Update List:

> Search Table Heading issue fixed

. — 09 Jan 2019*


  • Update List:

> Minor issue fixed

. — 10 Jan 2019*


  • Update List:

> A Big Update With Seat Panel Template, Now 3 Free Seat Template added in this vesrion

. — 27 Jan 2019*


  • Update List:

> A Big Update With a Brand New Seat Panel System, Now You can create any type of seat plan.

. — 19 Feb 2019*


  • Update List:

> Bus Search Page slug issue solved.

. — 19 Feb 2019*


  • Update List:

> PHP Warning issue fixed

> Operation On Day Feature

. — 12 May 2019*


  • Update List:

> Added seat checking before order place, so if the seat already booked it can’t be booked

> Fixed bug on return bus list

> some minor design issue fixed.

. — 07 July 2019*


  • Update List:

> Fixed Return Date Search Result issue

> Fixed Buffer time issue

. — 24 July 2019*


  • Update List:

> Fixed Search Result issue

. — 07 Aug 2019*


  • Update List:

> Fixed Search calculation issue for same bus in round trip

> Mobile seat selection feature now availabe in search page

> Removed past date from the Operational on day list in the bus details page

. — 21 Aug 2019*


  • Update List:

> This is a Big update, we suggest you to backup your date before update to this Version

> New UI

> Ajax search field load

> Improved Performance

> Double Decker seat plan added

> Many bug fixed

. — 24 Aug 2020*


  • Update List:

> Adult & Child Seat Feature Added

> Translation Issue fixed for Translation setting page

> Improved Performance

> Code Optimize

. — 08 Sep 2020*


  • Update List:

> Double Booking Issue fixed

> Ajax not working mobile issue fixed

> Date issue fixed

> Code Optimize

> Some minor bug fixed

. — 12 Sep 2020*


  • Update List:

> Code Optimize

> Some minor bug fixed

. — 14 Sep 2020*


  • Update List:

> Code Optimize

> Some minor bug fixed

> Return Discount Price rule added

> Infant ticket type added

> Design issue fixed

. — 19 Oct 2020*


  • Update List:

> Booked seat not showing issue fixed

> Code Optimize

> Some minor bug fixed

> Return Discount Price issue fixed

> Design issue fixed

. — 03 Nov 2020*


  • Update List:

> New Backend UI

> Code Optimize

> Some minor bug fixed

> Design issue fixed

. — 02 Feb 2021*


  • Update List:

> Code Optimize

> Some minor bug fixed

> Design issue fixed

. — 15 Feb 2021*


  • Update List:

> Code Optimize

> Some minor bug fixed

> welcome page adding

> global offday settings

. — 28 dec 2021*


  • Update List:

> Code Optimize

> Some minor bug fixed

. — 14 March 2022*



Upload the Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation to your blog, Activate it, then use shortcode as your need). Or Search Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation from Plugin -> Add New then click on Install then click on Active.

1, 2, 3: You’re done!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

What kind of payment method works

Our plugin supports all type of the payment method available for WooCommerce.

Is Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation is Free?

Yes! This bus booking plugin is free, But some features are not free those available only on premium version.

Search Form not Showing

If you must have shortcode the page where you are looking search form, use [wbtm-bus-search-form] this shortcode for search form to a page.

Search Result Showing 404 Page

You have a page with page slug /bus-search-list/ and use shortcode
[wbtm-bus-search] if still search result not showing then re-save wordpress permalink settings. it should work.

What is difference now Premium version and Basic Version

Attendee information form, passenger booking from dashboard, customized email sent to customer, pdf tickets only available in premium version.

Do you offer customization

Yes We like to hear from our customer, If you want to add any customization or you need any new feature. you can send us email: magepeopleteam@gmail.com. our team will check and get back to you.


The demo works OK, but the "From:" and "To:" fields do not show all the options in the [wbtm-bus-list cat = 'ID'] form. This is depends on the theme. There should be some theme added.
this is a great bus booking app. Very easy to work with and the team is definitely there to support if you need assistance. 5/5.
I am so happy about this plugin. Its grate. But i need some features. if ladies booked the seat will it be display the seat color or image should show that is for ladies. and also next to that seat can book by a lady. is it possible to book like that. And if the bus owner like to block the seats not to book by online how can we block that ?
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Initial Release Date — 10 Sep 2018


Some Minor Bug Fixed — 11 Sep 2018


Some Minor Bug Fixed — 11 Sep 2018


Bus Category Template fixed — 11 Sep 2018


New Shortcode Added to show Bus Search Form and Search List & Huge Update — 17 Sep 2018


Price Exploit issue fixed — 19 Sep 2018


Bug and some sorting issue fixed — 10 Oct 2018


Seat booking of a cancled seat issue fixed — 16 Oct 2018


Some minor fixed — 23 Oct 2018


Return Ticket & Operational Date feature added Seat Panel UI changes modified and some bug fixed — 28 Oct 2018


Seat booking major issue fixed. — 28 Nov 2018


  • Update List: