Video Live Chat with Screen Share & Stripe Payment


Add Video recording and WhatsApp voice video live chat screen share button on website. stripe payment button with AUTOMATIC duration based charges on customer

* Absolutely FREE Live Chat for startup and personal use with Screen Share Co-browsing, Voice, Video and contact Form.

  • Video recording on video voice chat with customer.

  • Remote control of customer desktop keyboard mouse while live chat.

  • Distribute customer chats to WhatsApp agents as well as Mobile iOS & Android App Agents. That means your agent can use WhatsApp to answer customer chats now.

  • Real time Watch your customers screen to understand their browsing behavior before initiating chats. The only live chat that turns your website into a retail store on the street.

  • The only WordPress live chat plugin provides unlimited Agents, unlimited website domain, unlimited chats, unlimited Screen Share, unlimited Voice Call, unlimited Video call, unlimited Documents transmission for FREE for 1st Chat Room (GENERAL)!

  • Business Revenue InApp Payment empowers your agent to accept online payments from your clients directly and the revenue will be deposited to your bank account without going through 2ConnectMe bank account.

  • Automatic Charging Scheme lets you charge customer for online service provision, e.g. online tutorial class, at the end of chat AUTOMATICALLY with pre-agreed pricing scheme and credit card pre-authorization.

  • Each Chat Room comes with an QR Code which your business is empowered with new customer offline contact channel. Even though WITHOUT a website, you may put such QR Code on your advertisement or even your name card. Then, your customers are able to contact your business regardless of timezone and location even they are at overseas.

  • Least integration. Only Registration & copy either «Contact Form», «Phone/Voice», «Video» Url access link provided by 2ConnectMe Portal and paste such Url link in our WordPress Plugin. (less than 15 mins work)

  • Unlimited integration even WITHOUT this plugin. The Chat Room URL address lets you to put the «Click-to-Call» button anywhere in your website. You just need to put such chat room URL address under any «button» of your website to open it in an iFrame or in a new browser tab / windows.

  • With chat room Url (web address), natively integrated to any marketing tools, e.g. MailChimp or any other normal text based email, and Social Media, e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram or any others.

  • Tight integration with notification of browser (Chrome / Firefox). No longer sit in front of PC to wait for customer chats. You will receive notification from Mac OSX or Windows operating system whenever customers open your website or open the contact form. Then, you may directly click the notification banner to open 2ConnectMe Agent to SEE what the customers are doing on your website.

  • White Label Branding. Users only see your business brand, logo in 2ConnectMe app and it even can be hosted under your business domain address.

  • We understand your agent resources are the most expensive. The “Auto Text Triggers” function screens those high potential customers who deserve agent attentions and display such Auto Text on their web pages AUTOMATICALLY.

  • To best utilize agent resources, agent can handle multiple customer chats simultaneously. If needed, agent is able to have conference Group chats among all the customer parties.

  • We provide support 24 hours x 7 days x 365 days. Just contact us at Live Chat here. Your questions are immediately answered. We are here waiting for your questions.

  • Try our services before actual registration. Go to here for the self-run demonstration.

What’s More?

  • Ensure only those agents with knowledge to answer is distributed with customer enquiries. Intelligent distribution of customer enquiries to the agent Chat Rooms.

  • Full customisations on contact form including title for your company name & logo, header texts for your branding needs, the contact form fields can be configured to hidden or mandatory. It also comes with configurable buttons for live chat, mail question, direct Phone, direct Video call.

  • Real time agent status lets you monitor the call traffics.

  • Customer chats forwarded to Administrator (Email) when no free agent working. Free you from office hour settings.

  • Pre-built colourful themes template for your customisation of Contact Form must fit your business needs.

  • Each hotline chat room comes with an independent style configured Contact Form. Your Contact Form can be with tailored styles for different hotline chat room purpose.

  • Immediate powerful Toll-FREE voice call button for your website visitors cost you NOTHING with Free Tier Account of 2ConnectMe.

  • In the marketing campaign, embedding 2ConnectMe “Click To Call” button in your email so that customer can find the right agent to talk at the right time.

  • In your mobile app, integration with contact form takes zero effort by opening chat room URL through external Browser or Android / iOS webview.

  • Mobile App Ready: Android App @ Google Play Store & iOS App @ Apple App Store. It lets you stay connected with customer 24 hours. Free you from sitting in front of PC desktop to answer customer enquiries.

  • Support Languages English, 中文(繁體), 中文(简体), Português, Français, Española, عربي

THANKS for our users’ appreciations below,

  • One can find chat, email, phone call and video call options in one plugin which is not the case in all competitors.

  • The plugin is easy to download and starts working immediately. There is absolutely no need of pointing servers or adjusting coding framework.

  • One can upload contact form and call to action button on any page of website.

  • Customers do not need to download plugin or any other application.

  • The plugin supports mobile to mobile, mobile to desktop and mobile to laptop communication.

  • One can design contact forms with CSS as per their need.

  • The plugin also supports screen sharing and transfer of documents like images, pdf file etc.

  • Compared to other available plugins there are many options available with general chatroom.

  • Availability of QR codes, mobile application, and immediate support are added values.

  • With paid version, more than one chat room / hotlines empowers you to divide customers into skills group which will be answered by agents with required skillsets.

  • There are no disturbing ads or chances of spam. One to one communication is truly safe and private.

To show your token of appreciation, could you update us of which website (domain) you have implemented our Business Chat Room (live chat)? With your consent, we will post it in our 2ConnectMe website to promote your website! Please send us an email

We also need your help for translation to other languages. To recognise your efforts, we will offer you FREE subscriptions for advance users for 6 months. Please contact us at for details.

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Contact us

We love to hear from you to solve your issues or any comments / improvement areas in the future release. If you still cannot solve the issue after trying all FAQs, please contact us.
— Email
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  • Live chat with remote sharing screen keyboard mouse.
  • Live chat with text, voice and video.
  • Agent recording video chat with customer client.
  • Service staff controls remote custoemr desktop.
  • Soft-keyboard on agent console.
  • Service staff gesture control remote customer desktop.
  • Customer permission prior to sharing the controls.
  • Agent answers an incoming chat.
  • Remote control contact form in agent console traffic dashboard.


For detail installation and other documentation, please refer to 2ConnectMe Documentation or FAQ.

  1. Quick basic setup in 5 minutes
  2. Initial Settings Wizard
  3. Integrations – How to
  4. Integrations — WordPress
  5. Integrations — WhatsApp Chats Distribution Setup
  6. Integrations — Click to Call button
  7. Integrations — Direct Contact Form / Voice Video Chat
  8. If you need screen sharing function and you works on Chrome browser. It requires to install Chrome extension «2ConnectMe — Screen Sharing». Please refer to video below. Or you use FireFox (ver 50 later) which support screen sharing natively without extension installation needed.
  9. Business Revenue — InApp Payment allows your agents to accept payment from clients directly during chat conversation.
  10. Business Revenue — Activation & Setup
  11. Auto Whisper Triggers
  12. Notifications on Browsers
  13. White Label Branding

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is 2ConnnectMe service FREE?

Those free-tier-account services with a default chat room «GENERAL» is provided for FREE for unlimited Agents, unlimited websites for lifetime. More than enough functions for a StartUp or personal usage.

We also have flexible pricing plan.

When your business grows and requires multiple chat rooms, e.g. for distributing the customer chats to Agents from different departments, we have limited budget pricing plan for growing business.

For large enterprise with high traffic call center operation and advance call distribution, we have affordable pricing plan.

Could I try the service before registration?

We have agent and website built for self-run demonstration. Please go to our 2ConnectMe self-run demo website.

Why I cannot hear ring tone for incoming calls

Ring Tone is supported in desktop browsers and mobile app. Ring tone is configured to «Off» by default. This can be modified in settings of 2ConnectMe, i.e. menu -> Account -> Profile -> Ring Tone. The other reason may be the security settings of browser not allowing to play sound. Please refer to FAQ->Operation & Usage -> Ring Tone for detail settings required.

Why floating chat icon is not shown on mobile devices?

Refer to General settings of this plugin. Set «Disable at Small Screen» width to 1 px width. The default value is 767 px width. Set the value to 1 px width which means floating icon is shown on all devices regardless of screen width.

I want use my own icon. Can I change it?

From version 1.1 onwards, pre-defined icons for Chat, Phone, Video and Mail with different pre-defined sizes, Large (50×50), Medium (40×40) and Small (30×30) are provided. Reminders: If you need DIRECT Phone or Video call PopUp Form WITHOUT Contact Form, you have to select either Phone or Video icon. Otherwise, strange behaviour will happen. In other words, if you need Phone or Video buttons on Contact Form, you should still select either Chat or Mail icon because the PopUp is the Contact Form.

I want contact form pop up when website visitor hover the icon instead of click the icon. Any configuration for this?

Refer to General settings of this plugin. Set the «Change on Event» to «hover».

Where can I configure the size of device to be determined as small devices so that this plugin is not shown?

Refer to General settings of this plugin. Set «Disable at Small Screen» width to 1 px width. The default value is 767 px width. Set the value to 1 px width which means floating icon is shown on all devices regardless of screen width.

Where can I configure bottom right or button left of the chat icon on screen?

Refer to «Chat» settings of this plugin. Set «Horizontal Position» to «left» or «right».

Can I change the width of Contact Form?

It is automatically adjusted from ver 1.1 onwards. No width configuration is needed.

** Can I customize the contact Form such as header texts, adding my company name and hide the fields and action buttons (Chat, Phone, Video, Mail)?
Yes. It is new features provided in ver 1.1 Refer to here for details.

What further settings are needed for Mobile «Business Chat Room — 2ConnectMe»

No further configuration needed. Mobile one shares the same user accounts information. Just use the same user account to logon through mobile.

I do not receive customer chat in mobile App, what should I do?

In order to ensure Mobile App is able to receive visitor enquiries, security settings «Allow Notification» and «Allow Auto-Start» must be enabled in Android phone. Since Android manufacturers make their own version of Android with different customisation, it is not possible to conduct test on each of them. If you are not able to receive customer chat, please contact us for support. We are happy here to solve any issues for you.

Can I use the same account to logon PC browsers and Mobile App of 2ConnectMe?

Yes. They can handle customer chat at the same time.

Where can I find more FAQ about WordPress Plugin and Mobile App?

FAQ & support


Нет отзывов об этом плагине.

Участники и разработчики

«Video Live Chat with Screen Share & Stripe Payment» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


Журнал изменений


  • allow to have full screen in video chat and receving screen shared by the agent.


  • Critical fixes on browser history sent to agent console.
  • Must be upgraded to this release in order to work with latest agent console.


  • Support White Label branding


  • Support new language Arabic عربي
  • Relocate the Full Screen button and Minimize Screen button to customer phone controls.


  • Revise plugin name to comply guidelines of WordPress plugin.


  • Ugent fixes on unexpected pop up contact form when the window is resized.


  • Urgent fixes on the issues about incorrect height of pop up contact form on Firefox and Shopify.


  • Urgent fixes on the issue on wordpress admin console.


  • New sticky button position left-middle and right-middle.
  • Fixes on incorrect height of contact form on FireFox browser.
  • Fixes on voice chat and video chat on Firefox browser.


  • Tight integration with WordPress Plugin Admin Page.


  • Support WhatsApp Agent. Your agent can use the WhatsApp to answer customer chats.


  • Fixes issue on insufficent height and width of pop up form displayed in the mobile device or slow speed in the data connection.
  • Enahancement: Support Spanish Española Language


Minor changes in default configuration
* The default configuration of small screen device is changed to allow message icon shown on all small devices.


* Provide color settings on Whisper Text.

* Solve mis-alignment of Whisper Text on the right.
* Solve admin console without color picker.


Improve documentations


* Support SEE customer browsing behaviours.


* Solve the issue of some WordPress themes which overlap the full screen mode of 2ConnectMe.
* Update the screenshots of installation.
* Default of small screen size to disable 2ConnectMe was set to 500 which is configurable in plugin configuration.


* Critical fixes on recent security restrictions newly imposed by Google Chrome (ver 65). The voice, video and screen share functions were affected by this new security restrictions. All websites are strongly suggested to update to this version to solve such issues.


* Support Apple Safari browsers (recent update in macOS High Sierra and iOS 11.2).
* Support Microsoft Edge browser (ver 40.15063 in the recent update Windows 10 creators)
* Support Firefox native screen sharing function WITHOUT extension.
* The contact form is down-sized to fit the smaller screen size devices.

* Unexpected voice / video call popup in Firefox browser.


* Support Direct Phone / Video pop up form even WordPress website with http connection only, i.e. without https encrypted connection.


re-uploading the missing image icon files.


Support both http and https websites
* Even your website without https connection, 2ConnectMe will detect your website connection and, if needed, open a new browser window to have direct https connection with 2ConnectMe server.

Support Português language
* New language supported.


For the latest enhancements, please refer to here

2ConnectMe Enhancements
PopUp form with more functions
* It provide additional Direct Phone Call and Direct Video Call at initial PopUp. It means website visitors only need a single click the “PopUp” Phone or Voice call button to reach your company staff with voice and video communication as needed.

Contact form with new voice call and video call buttons
* Through these buttons at contact form, website visitors are able to initiate phone call and video call to reach your company staff.

Each hotline chat room comes with independent Contact Form
* Instead of a single contact form for all the hotlines / chat room, you are provided with a new contact form with independent styles and configured format for each of hotline chat room. That is the reason you have to reconfigure your existing hotline chat room GENERAL, e.g., with a new contact form.
PopUp form with more styles configurable.
It provides options to configure each of field of contact form. Also “mandatory” field choice is also configured.

Pre-configure website visitor call types allowed
* It provides option to configure what call types allowed for website visitors for each of hotline.

Business Chat Room (WordPress Plugin)
* The size of PopUp form is automatically adjusted according to its operation need. No size configuration needed from this release onwards.
* Icons are provided for Chat, Phone, Video and Mail with size Large (50×50), Medium (40×40) and small (30×30). You are free to select according to your nature of PopUp form.
* Support Popup direct Phone Call and Video Call.

* When mouse is not on the 2ConnectMe PopUp screen, it was automatically closed in the past release. With this release, a new button, Close window “-” buttons are provided at the upper right corner of window. Window will not be closed automatically once opened. User will have to click “-” button to close the windows. We believe such changes facilitate users inputing the contact form information.


Allow changes in the contact form width and height in plugin options menu.


First production release of «Business Chat Room — 2ConnectMe»