Cab Booking for WordPress. Allow drivers to get bookings from customers receiving orders by email. Provide a bookign form and itinerary on map using google maps API .

Set up

Go to the cabpress submenu, change any settings to meet you liking, currency, your email, you city of work.

Display the booking form

To get a form on the choosen page, copy the given shortcode at the beginning of the setting page. Paste it in any pages, update it. Go to the page and enjoy your new booking form. On Gutenberg, browse the available blocks and choose the cabpress one. For the second option the form will appear at the top of the page.

Get google map

You must enter your google map API key in the designated field to display a map in a designated page.
Go to this google cloud URL you must have a google account, and be connected. Click on the + create credentials button on the menu, and click on API keys on the list of items. Enter the required infos, and your API key is created. Copy and paste the key to your back office in worpress, in the designated field in the cabpress plugin.
For service terms and private policy please refer to thoses links:

Free features

  • choose your city for the map
  • choose your price per km
  • add as many cars with a description and price to book this cars
    _ quick google maps set up, only API KEY needes
  • shortcode to display your booking form
  • gutenberg block available named cabpres
  • email notification on booking

Pro features

  • a button to pay a booking
  • pay withs Stripe
  • easy Stripe Installation
    available on our website



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Like any wordpress plugin download the zip package from your wordpress back-office. Once installed you can activate the plugin.


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