Canada Post Shipping For WooCommerce


Canada Post Shipping For WooCommerce is a plugin that adds support to WooCommerce for Canada Post.

After installing the plugin your customers will have the option to choose Canada Post as a shipping method
during the checkout. The plugin automatically calculates both letter and parcel shipping rates for your customers
by using the weights you provide on each of your products.

If you need help with the plugin please feel free to email at

More detailed instructions and help documents can be found on the
Small Fish Analytics website.


  • Настройки
  • Shipping Quotes


  1. Download the plugin and activate it
  2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping
  3. Enable the Canada Post shipping method
  4. Enter your postal code if you want to enable parcel shipping


I had a problem to be solved and he helped me to troubleshoot it even if I had not the premium version. Great guy and product ! I truly recommend it !
The plugin author has done an absolutely wonderful job with this plugin and it is actively maintained. Customer service is also spot on and replies are extremely detailed and prompt. Great job! Great plugin! =D
As all the other comments mention, Mike gives an excellent speedy and personalized service. He even tweaked the plugin to add insurance for me. 5 stars, definitely better than you'll get with any large company. Thanks Mike!
Hi All, Quick Startup Of A New Website, Decided To Go With The Easy To Use Canada Post Plugin Posted Here. Everything Seemed Great Until, Checkout, There Was No Shipping Methods Available To Any Address I Entered. I Gotta Say, One Of The Quickest Responses I Have Ever Gotten To Date - Sent Mike An Email, Mike Quickly Responded Looking For Some Screen Shots Of My Settings. Mike Found That I Had Enter Some Of The Packaging Measurements Incorrectly And Quickly Asked Me To Try Two Things. Didn't Have To Try The Second Option As The First One Was The Culprit. Mike Had Me Up And Running Within Hours All Through Email. Not Sure How He Does It But My Kudos And Thank You Goes Out To Him And His Great Plugin. If You Are Looking For A Shipping Plugin, This Is It...
The free version of the plugin was simple to install and configure (for a site owner). It seemed like it wasn't working so I emailed Mike and he quickly determined that it is because our product weights are sooo light (0.001 grams) and made the necessary change to the plugin. It calculates rates based on our Canada Post account and offers all the right options automatically for Canada and USA. Thanks Mike!
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Declare official support for WooCommerce 4.0.1
Declare official support for WordPress 5.4
Update stamp rates for Canada / US / International


Declare official support for WooCommerce 3.9.2


Declare official support for WooCommerce 3.8.0


Declare official support for WordPress 5.2
Declare official support for WooCommerce 3.6.4


Fixed an issue where clicking to disable the shipping method wasn’t working
Added a check to ensure entered API keys are valid to help avoid confusion
Added a check on the source postal code being entered
Added a note about shipping zones


Fixed an issue where downloadable and virtual producs were triggering weight warnings on the settings page.
Declare latest WordPress and WooCommerce version support.


Fixed an issue where very light weight packages weren’t calculating shipping correctly.


Fixed an issue where the plugin was warning weights were missing when they weren’t in some cases. Also showing example products without weights now.


Added audits for stores that don’t have weights entered on their products.


Declare support for WooCommerce 3.4


Update support site and email details
Better handling of fuel surcharge


Made a change to include the fuel surcharge in the shipping quote as requested by users.


Made a change so shipping taxes are calculated according to the settings in WooCommerce.
Fixed a PHP warning reported by a user.


Added new settings fields for people to use their own API keys to avoid potential issues with performance and reliability.


Fixed a PHP 7 warning


Fixed a bug where we forgot include_once and the classes were being included more than once with recent version of WooCommerce


Fixed a bug with imperial weight conversions breaking the API calls.


Added the Canada Post API integration to the plugin.


Test with WordPress 4.4 and update readme.txt.


Support for multiple weights and dimension units in WooCommerce.


Modified content on the settings page.


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