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Cense AI Chatbot


Along with answering user queries, cense bots can also be trained to understand users’s text and voice commands to pull information or reports,
create and update various tasks, and hold complex dialogs.

Few Use Cases it can easily address:
— Assist users in finding information within the application/system just by asking the bot
— Repeated and mundane tasks can be performed by the bot, thereby improving productivity of employees
— Provide critical information, which would otherwise require too much of clicks and search, to the User who are authorised to see those information. For ex, Management team can get critical information like outstanding balance amount to be received/paid for a quarter or from a particular client.
— Create tasks like appointment just by typing «Create an appointment today/tomorrow at 10 am» to the bot and an appointment will be created, instead of going to the appointment page, selecting a date, then a time and clicking on save button.
— Similarly create bug tickets, in case anyone would like to report an issue within the system by just typing «Create a ticket as I am unable to save an appointment»
— Customers can quickly get in touch with support team just by saying «Need Help call at 123456789» or «Urgent please call», so instead of customers, dialing customer support number and waiting for their calls to be answered, support team can quickly get in touch with customers and follow-up.

This WordPress plugin is integrated with Cense AI Platform, when one can train their models to respond to user queries and many other tasks.

Platform Features:

  • Create Users and Roles
  • Create Intents
  • Create Questions and Responses
  • List Unanswered Questions
  • Train the Model
  • Configure Email Templates
  • Configure JSON based APIs
  • Create Tasks to Automate Existing Processes
  • Configure Support Team Contact Details
  • Live chat with end users
  • Download and integrate mobile and web SDKs
  • Language Support for Chat — English, Hindi, Marathi


  • Low response time
  • We always try to respond within hours or within a day.
  • Resolving an issue within 24 hours.


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