Change Link Color Elementor


Allow users to change the text editor link color.

Users will be able to change the text editor text link color and hover color.

How to use this plugin

First of all you will need to installed this plugin on your website, open your Elementor text editor, You can see a color change field called Change Link Color in the text editor content tab. From that field you can change the color of your text editor link text.

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How this plugin Works?

This plugin will add a custom color field in each of your Elementor text editor. If you fill it, you will be able to change the text editor links color.
It is a simple and lightweight plugin.

What if I found a bug?

If you have any issue, please use the support here.


05.07.2023 1 ответ
this little plugin really helps. simple and does the job.
24.04.2023 1 ответ
Does its job perfectly, many thanks to the developer! 🙂
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