Charts Ninja: Create and add Chart & Graphs to your website on-the-fly


ChartsNinja Charts Ninja is a super powerful tool for adding beautiful graphs and charts to your website. Charts Ninja’s charts are responsive, meaning, they will be displayed properly on all devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

See thousands of graphs and charts examples created with Charts Ninja.

IMPORTANT: You will FIRST need to go to Charts Ninja, sign up for FREE, and create a new chart before you can embed it into your WordPress website.

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** It’s really easy. Get started in 2 minutes tops, no training needed! **


  • Charts Ninja button on WP editor
  • Charts Ninja shortcode
  • Charts Ninja - Pie Chart
  • Charts Ninja - Bar Chart
  • Charts Ninja - Line Chart
  • Charts Ninja - Pyramid Chart


Creating a chart

  1. Create a free account at Charts Ninja.
  2. Create a new chart by clicking the «Start Now» button on Charts Ninja’s homepage.
  3. Customize your chart. Add data, select chart type, and change colors.
  4. Click the «Save & Get Code» button.
  5. Click the «Publish» button, and look for the «Chart ID» section. Copy it, and write it somewhere (we will use it later).

Attach a chart to a WordPress post

  1. Create a new post and look for the «Chart» button in your editor.
  2. A popup will appear, enter the relevant chart ID (the same one you copied from Chart Ninja’s website).
  3. If you can’t find the «Chart» button, you may also write [chartsninja chartid=»YOUR_CHART_ID»] in the editor, and replace «YOUR_CHART_ID» with the relevant chart ID.

Arguments provides by the shortcode:

  • ‘chartid’ Your chart ID from Charts Ninja

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q: What is Charts Ninja?

Charts Ninja is a powerful tool for web designers, developers and site owners to create beautiful HTML5 graphs and charts on the fly.

Q: What can I use Charts Ninja for?

You can use Charts Ninja to create and add beautiful charts to your WordPress website. No prior knowledge required.

Q: Who can use Charts Ninja

Everyone. Really, it’s that simple. We’re using innovative and intuitive user interfaces so you don’t need any prior knowledge to use it.

Q: How do I start using Charts Ninja?

Sign up to Charts Ninja, create a new chart and install the Charts Ninja plugin on your WordPress admin panel.


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