Chat Button For WooCommerce


This simple plugin will add a WhatsApp chat button in WooCommerce single product page next to Add to Cart button. Button will be visible only when product will be available in stock.

Configurable settings

  • Button text
  • WhatsApp contact number
  • Message body
  • Button style and color

How to configure

To configure these settings you will have to go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> General (Tab) -> WhatsApp Chat Button (Section) after activating the button.

Following settings fields will be available

  • WhatsApp Contact Number — Use this to enter WhatsApp number with which you want user to chat. e.g. 001 123 123 1234
  • Button Text — Text that you want to display to user on product page. Default will be Chat with us.
  • Message — Greeting message to start chat. This message will be sent to given WhatsApp number. Default will be Hello, I want to know more about {product_name}({product_sku}) - {product_url}. Thank you.
  • CSS Class — Class that you want to use to style the button. You should add class definition somewhere in your current theme. Given value will be used with default Button and btn classes. e.g. Button btn your-given-class-for-button.

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