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Choc Chip EU Cookie Plugin


The EU cookie directive may not be the most welcome law, but as Voltaire said ‘in order to be free we must all be slaves to the law’. I’m not sure how true that is either, but in any case it has caused me to sit down and write this WordPress plugin to make abiding by the rules that bit easier.

It gives your visitors the option to opt in to any third party applications such as Google Analytics or Ad Sense. The Choc Chip Cookie Plugin then leaves a cookie of its own to remember them next time. The cookie willl expire after one year. There are a few options with this little badger to help you comply with the EU cookie directive and also pimp it up to suit your website.

If you would like to ask a question go to http://www.christiansenior.co.uk/talkin-shop/choc-chip-eu-cookie-wordpress-plugin


To install the plugin manually:

  1. Extract the contents of the archive (zip file)
  2. Upload the folder and its contents to your /wp-content/plugins folder
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins section in your WordPress admin panel


Choc Chip Cookie EU Cookie Plugin Widget

This plugin comes with an opt-in widget for your sidebar. Anything added to the Choc Chip EU Cookie Plugin widget is opt in. So if you insert your Adsense code here it will only show if the visitor has accepted cookies. Cool uh?! 


Button Bar Text
Edit the warning text as shown on the button bar. Try something like 'Hey you, you are browsing my website so you are having cookies'. OK maybe not qute that but something similar.

Cookie Information Page
Create a page that contains your cookie information such as what cookies are and what you use them for. Select your cookie information page from the list and this will link to the 'More info' button on the button bar.

Opt in header code
Third party applications such as Google Analytics leave a cookie in order to be able to track your visitors. The EU Cookie Directive wants you to warn people of this and even have them 'opt in' so you shouldnt track them unless they agree to it. Any text/code that you enter in the 'opt in header code' field will only be activated once the 'allow' button has been clicked. Any text/code in this field will be placed just above the  </head>  tag.

Comment Form Warning
Wordpress leaves a cookie when a comment is left (to save the form information so it doesnt have to be filled in next time) so give your visitors a warning and let them whats going down. Try something like 'By leaving a comment you are agreeing to have a new friend in the same shape as a cookie popped onto your hard drive'.


Bar Position
Select the position for your button bar

Background Colour
Change the background of your button bar by entering the name of the colour or if youre a smarty pants you can enter a hex value.

Text Colour
Change the main text colour on the button bar by entering the name of the colour, now try to be sensible as 'off white' aint gonna cut the mustard sonny Jim.

Accept Button Text Colour
Have a guess what this does? Thats right it changes the accept button text colour. Pop your favourite colour in the box.

Accept Button Background Colour
Make that button stand out with a smashing background colour.

Accept Button Border Colour
Thats right you can even change the colour of the border of the button. Your visitors will be sad to see it disappear when they click the button.

More Info Button Text Colour
We've moved on to the next button so make this one just as important as the last one as it points to important information

More Info Button Background Colour
Make it shine man, make it shine

More Info Button Border Colour
Come on this is the last colour change so make it count

Now dont forget to press save after you make any changes.


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