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The plugin is very nice to see but has problems in the viewing gallery and contact information button. Tested on all desktop and mobile browser, when it seems to have solved the problem it recurs constantly. Also it happened that I posted the shortcode in a page of the site and it’s changed by self-writing the code with «this browser does not support javascript» inside the text area! it’s crazy. The assistance support is a bit slow. Too bad because it’s a nice plugin.
03.09.2016 3 ответа
I’m unable to upload images on the post a classified page. when I click on the add media button nothing happends
Being v 1.0 I realize that everything is not going to be perfect, however for v 1.0 they nearly did. This plug-in is easy to implement and use for both the webmaster and the site users.
03.09.2016 1 ответ
I’ve installed this plugin after ‘WP Job Manager’ and many others. Works perfectly, small size, fast loading, simple interface. All I want and for free. GREAT JOB!
03.09.2016 1 ответ
Best classified plug in but featured image is too big…
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