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Clever Mega Menu for Elementor


  • Clever Mega Menu for Elementor (aka @CMM4E) is a top-notch mega menu extension for Elementor. It allows you creating a fully responsive mega menu with dropdown items, rich in content modules, all the process clear and easy.


  • Clever Mega Menu for Elementor will not automatically adopt the style of your theme, unless your theme has an CMM4E-specific stylesheet. You’ll need to customize the styles on your own to recreate it if that’s what you want.
  • Please DO NOT ask for making this plugin to work with Elementor Pro’s Nav Menu Widget!
  • The Elementor Pro’s Nav Menu widget is not designed for mega menus. We also SHOULD NOT override behaviors of Elementor Pro widgets. This plugin has its own widgets and behaviors.

See Demo and Online Documentation for more info.

How to install plugin

How To Create Menu Location

How To Create Horizontal Menu

How To Create Vertical Menu

How To Create Menu Skin

CMM4E Lite Features

  • RTL ready
  • Selective menu icons
  • Selective menu skins
  • Selective menu layouts
  • Drag and drop content builder
  • Conditionally show/hide menu item
  • Touch, retina and accessibility ready
  • Multiple CSS3 menu transition effects
  • Display mega menus and flyout menus responsively
  • Display widgets, shortcodes, raw HTML… responsively
  • Multiple menus per page with different menu skins
  • Build upon the standard WordPress menus system
  • Multiple menu locations with their own configuration
  • Supercharge menus with more than 100 menu skin options

CMM4E Pro Features

  • SEO ready
  • Vertical menus
  • Menu shortcodes
  • Menu item badge
  • Advanced support
  • Advanced menu widgets
  • Unlimited menu icons
  • Custom menu JS/CSS code
  • Menu Skin Import/Export
  • Menu location generator
  • Advanced mega panel options
  • Roles & restrictions for menu items

Help & Support

If you have any issue, feel free to get help at Plugin Support. We really appreciate your feedbacks.

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Check Clever Addons for Elementor. It is a library of creative and unique Elementor widgets that add more functionality and flexibility to your favorite page builder.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q: Do I have to purchase Elementor Pro to use this plugin?

A: No, Clever Mega Menu for Elementor is for FREE version Elementor Page Builder.

Q: Does this menu replace entire my site header?

A: No, Clever Mega Menu for Elementor DOES NOT replace anything and only changes contents and appearance of navigation menus when Clever Mega Menu is enabled.

For other questions, feel free to get help at the plugin support section.


J’ai acheté cette extension et n’ai pas réussie à m’en servir. La programmation est vraiment mal conçue et son propriétaire n’a jamais corrigé les défauts.
Hard to get how to set it, said «Multiple CSS3 menu transition effects» but no place to set it. Poor support, not getting answered.
Would be a nice plugin as far as layout but it does’t work at all! Would have bought the pro version but not when the free version doesn’t even function. For me to take the time out to review means it needs removed from wordpress!!
This plugin stopped working and the developer doesn’t care at all
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Участники и разработчики

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Журнал изменений

1.1.2 — June 24, 2020

  • Fixed: issue the mega menu panel has been called incorrectly

1.1.1 — June 11, 2020

  • Fixed: Compatible with Elementor latest version.

1.1.0 — December 21, 2019

  • Enhanced mobile layout on Astra theme.
  • Added mobile toggle flex alignment option.

1.0.9 — December 13, 2019

  • Fixed menu skins are not enqueued on OceanWP theme.

1.0.8 — December 9, 2019

  • Fixed activation error if pro version is active.

1.0.7 — September 13, 2019

  • Fixed menu item settings disappeared since Elementor version 2.7.0 update.

1.0.6 — September 10, 2019

  • Fixed hidden menu toggle on mobile.
  • Fixed duplicated menu id attribute.

1.0.5 — June 5, 2019

  • Fixed conflicts with Elementor Pro mobile menu.

1.0.4 — June 3, 2019

  • Fixed «Content Area Not Found» because of rewrite rules.

1.0.3 — May 20, 2019

  • Fixed conflicts with Pro version

1.0.2 — May 15, 2019

  • Fixed horizontal menu layout

1.0.1 — May 8, 2019

  • Fixed menu skin CSS generator

1.0.0 — April 9, 2019

  • Initial release.