Get top-tier carriers with pre-built discounted shipping rates across North America based on your shipping needs. Purchase shipping labels, schedule pickups and manage all your stores and orders in one consolidated platform.

Create Shipping Labels and Process Returns
Prepare and print your labels in bulk as well as create and provide return labels to your customers.

Ship Orders as a Pallets
We offer pallet shipments for orders that are too big to be sent via courier. With our pallet rates, we provide the same trusted carriers for your LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments.

Schedule Pickups for your orders – for free
Have carriers pick up your orders, straight from your doorstep. ClickShip provides all pickups for free.

Advanced Custom Branding
Put your brand at the forefront to every customer interaction with customized emails and tracking page. Send your customer’s updates on the status of their order with customized styling.

Advanced Search Functionality for Orders
Create pick lists and see what products need to be packed for all your orders and know exactly what needs to be packed and shipped. Filter your orders by store, shipping destination, and even by single or multi-order, and keep your orders on-track easily!

Even More Features to Help You Click, Ship and Save!
— Robust dashboard information to see your order summary for the day
— Print shipping labels, packing slips and shipment details in bulk
— Schedule pickups for your orders, directly at your doorstep
— Ship orders with pallets and provide pallet rates at your store checkout
— Smart Packaging solution allows you to utilize product and package dimensions to accurately quote customers at checkout.

YouTube Video
WooCommerce Integration & Real-Time Rates Guide for ClickShip


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  • ClickShip Setting
  • Store Checkout
  • Rates at Checkout


Create a ClickShip Account
Enabling Real-Time Rates at Checkout requires a ClickShip account and connecting your WooCommerce Store.

Don’t have an account? Click here to create a free account

To calculate real-time shipping rates at checkout, dimensions and weight must be added to your products.

Once your account is created and have your WooCommerce connected, install the ClickShip plugin on your WooCommerce dashboard.

  1. Find the ClickShip plugin in the WooCommerce Plugin page
  2. Click Install Now
  3. On your dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Settings and click on the Shipping tab.
  4. Go to ClickShip navigation link and enter your Marketplace ID from your ClickShip account
  5. To find your Marketplace ID, log in to your ClickShip account and go to Marketplaces > Edit Store Settings
  6. Enable ClickShip Shipping Rates and click Save changes

For help, watch the installation video here

Часто задаваемые вопросы

What is ClickShip?

ClickShip is a SaaS (software as a service) product that integrates with your eCommerce store and imports all your orders into one centralized place. These orders can be fulfilled and shipped directly from ClickShip.

You can get started for free with our Small Business Plan which is feature-rich and offers exclusive discounted shipping rates, with options to upgrade for premium features, such as adding your own carrier accounts.

Ship, track, monitor, and manage all your orders with simplicity and ease, saving your company time and money.

What is Freightcom and how is it related to ClickShip?

Freightcom is a powerful shipping solution provider that shares the same exclusive discounted rates as ClickShip. As eCommerce becomes more predominant in our modern world, Freightcom decided to create ClickShip so that our users can integrate their marketplace and still get access to our exclusive shipping rates!

What is Real-Time Rates at Checkout?

Real-Time Rates offers you the ability to display accurate shipping rates, directly to your customers at checkout.

Using your product dimensions and weights, and preferably with your box dimensions as well, we use your customer’s address to calculate the shipping rates that have been enabled in ClickShip.


We’ve been using Clickship to get our heavy products (bike racks, so lots of steel) into customer hands for over two years. With their plugin, our customers get the best rates from Fedex, UPS, Purolator and others, and we have a complete shipping solution that adds the prices onto the the sales at checkout. Based on the size, weight and number of boxes this plugin will give your customers the current pricing for shipping their purchases. Their support is outstanding and I HIGHLY recommend this plugin for your website. A shout-out to Jabine Nubheebucus who helped us get our box configuration sorted. People like her are what make tech companies successful.
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