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I had a difficult import from Joomla with k2 into wordpress. Initially I had trouble with images not coming in and cms2cms took care of everything. They responded to every request I had quickly and professionally. I had though I would have to manually bring in these thousands of images myself but they found a way. Great service.
After starting the migration I got a error message. Yes, it's always possible that something goes wrong. OK, I looked the explanation of that message, but this don't help really. So I asked the Support via Live Chat for help. They asked (by the way - very kindly) for the ftp accounts for checking the problem. One hour later I got a e-mail that the test migration is finished. The result of the test was ok, so I started the full migration which finished after a few minutes. After all, easy migration, great support, perfect result. The next migration and that is sure, I do with you. Thank's a lot.
My website was moved successfully and without errors. The procedure was very fast and hassle free. Transfer is done with the connection bridge integration, thus everything was migrated in an hour. Unfortunately, design is not migrated, all in all it's a great alternative to other methods I used.
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