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Codup WooCommerce Loyalty


A free solution to increase your customer loyalty. This plugin lets you reward your customers on their every purchase from your woocommerce-based shops and that too for free!


Additional Feature

Now Admin can set Tier & Point Based Discount on Product as well as Product Categories.

Earning Points

Set points earned per purchase with their expiry date set in admin settings.
Reward customers on every successful purchase according to the points set.

Discount based on points

The points can be redeemed by any of the two ways, specified through admin setting.

  1. Points Based Discount:
    The customer can get the discount by using their points earned at checkout.
    The checkout will have additional field to enter number of points the customer want to redeem.
    The field will have the default value of maximum number of points a customer can use.
    The customer cannot use points more than the cart total.

  2. Tier Based Discount:
    Discount percentage can be set up from the admin settings.
    Discounts are set on tiers defined on ranges.
    Discount percentage set will be applied to cart total.
    Discount is applied automatically at checkout and displayed on checkout page.

Admin Settings

Discount mode: Set discount mode
Discount lifespan: Set a time limit within which the customer must spend their points. Blank value means no limit.

  • Points Based Discount Settings
    Point Value: How much money needs to be spent to receive a single point.
    Point Discount Value: How large a discount a single point is worth.
    Maximum Discount: The maximum amount of discount in % the customer can get using points.
    When to Credit Points: The points will be credited to the customer account when their order reaches the selected status.

  • Tier based Discount Settings:
    Tiers: The ranges of money the customer needs to have spent within the discount lifespan to get the discounts in the respective tiers.



  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Dashboard->WooCommerce->Loyalty screen to configure the plugin


Thanks to developer(s). It does what it has to be. With minimum settings and minimum allowance. It would be great to add translation ready function and some addition settings for user roles and balance on a account page
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Журнал изменений

Admin can set Tier & Point Based Discount on Product as well as Product Categories.

Admin can set Tier & Point Based Discount on Product as well as Product Categories.

Fixed not able to update cart/update cart.

Added currency symbol before some input fields in the settings.
Added «Settings» link in the WP plugin list.
Added a more helpful info message for the meansing of «0» discount lifetime in plugin settings.

Changed the WooCommerce login message to mention loyalty points

Fixed being able to get more than max discount allows, due to the plugin rounding max points allowed up, instead of down.
Fixed an issue that maximum allowed amount of points to spend being calculated based on discount price.

Added «Remove tier» button to tier management.
Added a more descriptive error message for when tiers overlap.
Added point discount fields on checkout page.
Added total points display to spend points forms.

Renamed settings tab to «Loyalty».

Reset the points to spend amount if new products are added to the cart.
Fixed «Update cart» not working in some cases when changing points to spend.

Fixed server error on checkout when in points based mode.

Made some admin text not to break into multiple lines.

Added all admin settings.
Added PHPUnit tests for Validator.
Implemented point earning.
Implemented point crediting.
Implemented tier based discount.

Added «Point value» setting in admin panel.