Confirm Plus Contact Form 7


«Confirm Plus Contact Form 7» is a plugin extension for «Contact Form 7» that allows adding a confirmation screen.

There are no complicated configuration on most situations.
Just install it and it’s ready to go!

If it doesn’t work as expected, try one of these:

  1. Enclose the item name in a label tag, and place input tags, etc. inside the label tag.
  2. Enclose the item name in a label tag, and set the for attribute properly.
  3. Enclose the item name with ‘span class=»title-contactform7″‘ tag and place it in the same row (tr tag) of the table with input tags.
  4. Enclose the item name with ‘span class=»title-contactform7 for-your_input_name»‘ tag and make sure the name attribute of the input tag, etc. is set as «your_input_name».
  • Legend tag’s text will be prior on radio, checkbox.
  • If there are input tags that you do not want to be reflected in the confirmation screen, you can avoid displaying them by adding the «avoid-confirm» class.

Disclaimer: «Confirm Plus Contact Form 7» plugin is not related to the developer of the «Contact Form 7» plugin.

You can find more detailed information and usage of about «Confirm Plus Contact Form 7» on


  • Click confirm button.
  • Click edit button to back to form. Submit button to send email.


  1. Check that you have «Contact Form 7» Plugin installed in your site.
    If it’s not installed, install it and then continue with the following steps.
  2. Go to your WordPress Plugins Admin dashboard and upload «Confirm Plus Contact Form 7» plugin.
  3. Install and Activate

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