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The #1 Video-chat Plugin, heavily used 1-stop-shop solution for consultants/advisers. Enables Video-calls, payment collection via paypal, in-app chat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, scheduling appointments and more…
— Do you pay too much for marketing and find it hard to convert visitors in your website to customers?
— Familiar with the feeling that you send your customers your skype account and they get confused and mixed up?
— Do you find it hard to collect money from your clients for online sessions?
— Are you frustrated that people visit your website and leave no trace?
— Would you like to provide online-video-call sessions to your clients in a professional manner?
— Were you looking for a tool to share your screen with site-visitors easily from within your website?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you’re at the right place.

Major features in Consolto VideoChat Widget include:

  • Actively start engagement via chat/videochat/audio with people in your website. We made an extra effort for this to be as acceptable as possible by your site-visitors.
  • Video chat directly from within your website. Niether your customers nor you will need to install anything.
  • In-site Audio and text chat included
  • Share your screen or view your clients screen as simple as clicking a button
  • Social messaging: whatsapp and facebook messanger embedded in your website.
  • In-app messaging: your site visitors will send you messages that will reach your email
  • Receive email, SMS and site notifications upon new chats and webcalls
  • Soon — Scheduling module enables your site visitors schedule meetings with you in a simple manner.
  • Highly configurable widget!

Give it a try. It’s a 2-minute installation



  1. Register via You’ll get a script that is assigned only to you. Save it.
  2. Upload the plugin to your blog/website.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Go to the «Consolto Plugin» in your wordpress menu.
  5. Paste your script from step #1.
  6. Save Changes.

You’re done!

Important notes:
* The Consolto Plugin relies on as a means to provide all the above features. This practically means that all plugin content is served by (from within your website).
* You are more than invited to join us in and learn more.
* Terms of Use:
* Privacy policy:


A customer of mine tested this as we had problems with almost any other video solution. This was the easiest to setup and it worked out of the box. There should be a little more customization options and are in contact with Consolto for that.
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