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Best tool for importing, merging and displaying Curated RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site.

The WordPress Curated RSS Aggregator Plugin by CreativeMinds allows you to import and aggregate multiple RSS feeds and arrange them by categories and topics in an easy to use list style.

Each curated RSS feed list can be shown using a shortcode on any page or post and in the pro version user can filter the information by a live search filter, or by categories or tags.

The curated RSS Aggregator plugin is easy to use, easy to customise, and works with any theme.


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Use Case

  • Build a curated RSS Aggregator list of news sources or feeds
  • Build a knowledge base of industry most recent updates
  • Import RSS feed based content from one WordPress site to the other
  • Filter imported feeds based on keywords (positive or negative), so you only aggregate the items you want.
  • Displays excerpts and thumbnails together with the title, date and source in your feed item display.
  • Show a tooltip which include full excerpts content once hovering over the item.
  • Allows you to add a widget to any section of your WordPress site to display your imported feed items.

Pro Version Features

  • Created multiple lists – User can create multiple lists of aggregated RSS feeds and place them anywhere on page or posts on site
  • Filtering options – Add positive or negative keywords for each feed. Keywords will be matched against RSS feed imported content and only items which match positive keywords or do not contain negative keywords will be shown
  • Update Interval – Per each RSS feed define the update interval. The plugin will refresh the feed content based on the set interval
  • Added tags support – tags are placed near RSS feed items with background color and user can filter list items by tags. User can set color for each tag. Tags are defined by keywords find in item content.
  • Add fast filtering support – user can filter list items by text, categories or tags. All relevant items will be shown upon filtering.
  • Add category background color – User can choose to set a background color for each category or list of items in feed.
  • Styling options – User can define several options for the look and feel of the list such as tooltip colors, background colors, font size and more
  • Last update date – For each list show last update date
  • Remove Items from List – Manually remove items from the feed
  • Number of items included in list – For each list show the number of items included in list
  • Ordering options – Order categories within each list using a drag and drop interface
  • Image and Favicon – Each item will show a favicon from the source it is taken and an image in case it is found in the content of the imported RSS content.
  • Mark new items – You can define in the plugin setting which items in the RSS feed will be automaticly marked with a specific tag such as New.
  • Category widget and shortcode – Support both widget to display a category with all RSS feed items and also a shortcode to be placed on any post or pages showing all related RSS feed links related to category.
  • Mobile Responsive — Adjusted design and uex for mobile devices.


  • Aggregator main screen showing all feeds
  • Aggregator main screen showing specific feed additional information using a tooltip
  • List of categories that hold RSS feed definision
  • Plugin options
  • Example of one category information
  • Fronend display of RSS feed


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure plugin.
  4. Add lists and categories.
  5. Use shortcode to display list.


We paid for the plugin. It didn't work. They sent us a new version and that crashed the site. When the plugin is off the site works perfectly. When its on, the site crashes. Ive located the slow SQL statement, and it is flawed. They tell us the plugin works on their test environment and they will not offer support. We really liked this plugin and was looking for a solution. I even gave them access to the site (which they refuse to use). Ive tried, and tried... but it seems there are issues bigger then me.
I tested a dozen plugins to import RSS feeds on my new Web project. Not only the core of this plugin is powerful, but it is very complete in terms of option. But the best is the excellent customer service ... can even push for the development of the plugin according to our needs. Thanks again to the nice employee Marcin who unlocked my project.
Still testing, but the other two I tested broke just by installing! Keep it up! I'll update if I break.
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