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Current currency status


«Current currency status» displays currency price and information with all other currency and shows currency conversion rates.
«Current currency status» uses Open exchange rates for live updates.
Use your Open exchange rates account and enjoy all conversion rates update.
Use Sortcode to show «Current currency status» in any of your posts, pages or custom post type.


  1. Easy to use with Open exchange rates.

  2. You can use Sortcode to show Current currency status in your any posts,pages and any custom post type and convert rates.

  3. Live currency rates update.

Read Installation for more details.

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  • Admin backend to display currency update and calculate.
  • Use sortcode to add in post or page.
  • Current currency status in posts, pages and custom post type.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. It is free ?
    Yes.- «Current currency status» is totally free and there are no extra charges for using this plugin
  2. It is Configurable ?
    Yes.- «Current currency status» is configurable from admin.
Installation Instructions
  1. Download plugin and unzip it to your /wp-content/plugins/ plugin directory.
  2. Go to your plugin manager and activate it.
  3. On activation, Current currency status one configuration link is shown in plugin manager and it is also shown in admin menu.
  4. Go to Current currency status and copy your Open exchange rates account API Key in Current currency status.

After installing this («Current currency status») plugin, one needs to get API key from Open Exchange Rates. to get free API key you have to follow URL Signup for free .

Open Exchange Rates provides a simple, lightweight and portable JSON API with live and historical foreign exchange (forex) rates, via a simple and easy-to-integrate API, in JSON format. Data are tracked and blended algorithmically from multiple reliable sources, ensuring fair and unbiased consistency.

openexchangerates.org provides

Hourly rate updates
Daily historical data

This does not require any credit card or payment details to start receiving free currency information.

openexchangerates.org is trusted by over fifty thousand businesses and organisations. Its clients ranges from charities and universities to major sports networks, international brands and Fortune 500s, serving tens of millions of people every day.

Common Use Cases
Data from the Open Exchange Rates API are suitable for use in every framework, language and application, and have been successfully integrated in:

Shopping carts from WooCommerce to Shopify, and thousands of individual web stores
Overseas campaigns from the smallest startups to Fortune 500 heavyweights
Accounting departments for multinational brands and shipping/logistics firms
Open source projects and charities
Enterprise-level analytics software
Hundreds of smartphone, tablet and desktop apps
School and university research projects across the world.

In case, you wish to have API call more than 1000 per day, you can subscribe for paid API key.


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