Custom Discount on Cart Total


Add a WooCommerce discount based on cart order totals. Custom Discount on Cart Total allows you to offer fixed price discounts based on the WooCommerce cart totals. For example admin can set fixed price discount of 10 if cart total exceeds 500 with a custom discount label.

Installation Process

  • In your WordPress Dashboard go to “Plugins” -> “Add Plugin”.
  • Search for “Custom Discount on Cart Total”.
  • Install the plugin by clicking the “Install” button and activate it.
  • Go to the WooCommerce >> Settings >> Cart Total Discount Rule.
  • Set the discount label to display on Cart.
  • Set the cart total amount.
  • Set fixed discount amount.
  • On cart page & checkout page the discount will be added if cart total is equal or exceeds the set total amount.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Why would I need this plugin?

To set an extra discount on specific cart total amount.

Does this mess up, my arrangement family?

No. This plugin will only add an extra discount price on cart & checkout pages.

How can I enable this Plug in?

Install and make this plugin active


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