Customization for WP SEO


Customization for WP SEO offers various options to customize the Yoast SEO plugin. Once you have installed the plugin you can find these options in the settings (Settings -> Customization for WP SEO).

Disable Schema Output

This option disables all Yoast SEO’s schema output.

Remove Open Graph Locale

This option removes og:locale meta from Yoast SEO’s Open Graph output.

Remove Open Graph Article Published Time

This option removes article:published_time meta from Yoast SEO’s Open Graph output.

Remove Open Graph Article Modified Time

This option removes article:modified_time meta from Yoast SEO’s Open Graph output.

For detailed documentation please visit the Customization for WP SEO plugin page


  • Customization for WP SEO Settings


  1. Go to the Add New plugins screen in your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click the upload tab
  3. Browse for the plugin file ( on your computer
  4. Click «Install Now» and then hit the activate button

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Can I use this plugin to disable Yoast SEO schema output?



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