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After loading the plugin up i found that text spacing and the body element has been modified by its cysteme-finder/css/finder.css file like so body { height: 100%; margin: 10px; } It even shows in the official thumbnail picture for the plugin that the sidebar is being pushed over on the admin page.
I SEARCHED for a good file manager for WordPress. Most are terrible. I wanted an AJAX, drag-and drop interface for greatest ease of use. I found two, this one "CYSTEME Finder" and one other "File Manager", and that's it. Both have a similar interface, possibly built on the same AJAX library, but Finder has far more features in the free version than the other. I was actually surprised that "File Manager" crippled their plugin by disabling multiple file selection and drag-n-drop. That was a deal breaker right there. CYSTEME Finder has all the basic features you need, and much more in their FREE version. And if you want some slick, useful features, the Pro version is only (approx.) $20 USD. (Whereas File Manager's Pro version is $49 and all you get is the missing functionality in Finder. Tsk, tsk, tsk.) You do the math, but this file management plugin is the first and only choice you should make if you manage multiple custom folders via the admin and backend of WP. Seriously.
Now I dont need filezila. It should have build in multisite privilege setting to control users with access to this plugin. Otherwise we need to install other security plugin / admin privilege management.
I was sick and tired of the bullsh*t FTP problems with my host, this allows me to add/delete/modify files right from the WordPress' Dashboard, thank you so much for making this plugin.
Manager de fichiers en français (mieux que file manager, wp-filemanager) couteau suisse qui permet de tout faire à partir de l'admin... upload, download, édition, zip etc... la version pro est plus complète bravo à l'équipe en Alsace, hopla
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