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Dan’s Embedder for Google Calendar was created out of a need to display Google calendars in both list and full view in a way that was mobile friendly, customizable via shortcode, and easy to style. No need to import events or manage them directly in WordPress. All you need is a public Google Calendar (or multiple!) and a free, easy to get API key.


  • Displays public calendars in a mobile friendly format

  • Offers Options for Full Calendar View, or Upcoming Events List

  • All options are configured via shortcode

  • Full Calendar offers mobile friendly tooltips with event title, time, and location

  • Upcoming Events List can specify how many items to show, or turn on auto-scroll

  • Custom div id can be set for every calendar, for individual theming of each calendar

  • No limit to the number of calendars you can link up

Shortcodes Cheatsheet:

  • Full Display [dancal] (defaults to 1st calendar) , or [dancal cal=1 divid=idname] (where 1 is the number of calendar you want, and divid is the id of the outermost div, for theming purposes. If you don’t set divid, a random one is chosen to allow multiple calendars on the same page).

  • Upcoming Events List: [dancal_list], or [dancal_list cal=1 num=30 scroll=true divid=idname] (1 is the calendar number, num is a number 0 for number of upcoming events to display, scroll is true or false to enable auto-scroll, , and divid is the id of the outermost div, for theming purposes. If you don’t set divid, a random one is chosen to allow multiple calendars on the same page))

For help creating an API key to use with this plugin, either check out the settings page in plugin, or the FAQ tab here.

Thanks to Mike @ WP Bullet for the banner and icon.

Dependencies and Liscencing

MIT: gcal-flow https://sugi.github.io/jquery-gcal-flow/

MIT: fullcalendar.io https://fullcalendar.io

MIT: qTip2 http://qtip2.com/


  • List view calendar created with Dan's Embedder for Google Calendar

  • Full Size Calendar Created

  • Settings Page


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/dans-gcal directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Head over to the Dan’s GCal settings page, found on the Dashboard sidebar.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How do I create my API key?

To create API key, visit Google Developers Console. https://console.developers.google.com/
Then, follow bellow;

  • Create new project (or use project you created before).

  • Check «APIs & auth» -> «Credentials» on side menu.

  • Hit «Create new Key» button on «Public API access» section.

  • Choose «Browser key» and keep blank on referer limitation.

  • Set this key on the plugins setting page.

How do I find the ID for the calendar I want to share?

Once you have set the calendar as public, you can find the id with the following:

  • Visit https://calendar.google.com/, while logged in to your account.

  • On the left side, find the calendar you want and click the down arrow to the right of it.

  • Click on Calendar settings

  • Find the calendar link / id


I created a new API Key. Copied and pasted–IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM. I AM SO AMAZED. I will be using your services in the future as I teach web design and work with website as well. I do no have any ADMIN on this non-profit site and have to work with a free, limited WordPress–not my first choice. I have tried about 2 or 3 other plugins–no avail. No support, no luck. Complicated. Yours is the BEST.
Great plugin for displaying your google calendar data. Anyone who has tried to use Google's "embed" option for displaying a calendar knows how clunky it looks, especially when trying to use it on a mobile device. Dan's plugin calendar looks great on large or small form factor. I had a question for Dan and he got back to me right away with the answer I needed. Dan is the man!
WordPress has needed this for a while now. Just a really simple, straightforward and clean way to embed your Google calendar without having to carry the weight of the default Google calendar embed code. This plugin picks up your default styling right out of the box, and it does a good job of making a great presentation without any effort. You will need to get your hands dirty in Google's Developer tools and a familiarity with related concepts will help, but it's not a horribly complicated process. From dev to dev, thanks for doing WordPress such a useful service with no strings attached. You are a hero.
This is a nice plugin that gives you a really nice calendar from your google calendar. I can also say I messed up creating the Google API key and had some issues setting it up (all of which were my fault) and Dan was nice enough to work with me over email help me troubleshoot my calendar.
I've been working on embedding my Google calendar into a web-site using Dan's plugin. Being a newbie to WordPress, I've had some bumps in the road. I contacted Dan and he responded quickly to my questions. Over several emails (and my misspellings) I got it to work. Thanks Dan for your help.
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  • Tested with latest version of WP, small fixes


  • Added jquery as dependency for enqueue (fixes jquery not found)
  • Moved settings dash link to tools submenu
  • Tested for 4.7


  • Initial Plugin Release