Dark Mode for WP Dashboard


Добавляет плавный темный режим в стандартный интерфейс панели инструментов WordPress. Тёмный режим можно отключать для каждого пользователя на странице профиля.

Plugins officially supported:
* Advanced Custom Fields
* Jetpack
* Nested Pages
* Yoast SEO
* WooCommerce


  • Панель управления
  • Плагины
  • Темы


  1. Загрузите пакет плагина в каталог плагинов.
  2. Активируйте плагин.
  3. Готово! Ваша панель управления WordPress теперь в тёмном режиме 🙂


Great plugin, though needs an update for WordPress 5.9 so that when creating posts with the Gutenberg block editor, the background colors look right. Currently there are various white/light grey areas when editing posts with the block editor.
If you want your dashboard in Dark Mode and nothing else, this is the plugin you want to use. No fancy stuff, just a small PHP file that loads a CSS file. That's all you really need, don't you?
Merci pour ce plugin qui permet enfin un thème sombre en tant qu'admin, le plugin fait ce qu'il dit, n'installe pas de tierce-parti, clairement un incontournable sur chacune de mes installations. A huge thanks for this non-bloated plugin allowing admin dark mode, it's a must have for all dark mode lover out there.
Plugin is very lightweight, simply loads an extra darkmode css file. No configuration, only a switch in the user profile to turn on or off. Works perfectly! Also for Woocommerce Darkmode. Will keep my eyes from needing glasses 10 extra years. If you are looking for a SIMPLE dark mode plugin for your wp admin that just works, without any bloat? Install this! Developer: THANK YOU.
Works perfectly! After trying another dark mode plugin that was recommended by the WP Beginner blog, which worked terribly and had a lot of misleading features, this one was a relief.
Unlike some other dark plugins out there, this one looks great and is as simple as a function that calls a stylesheet without any other bloat or nagging prompts. Would love to contribute if the project is on github or somewhere else.
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Журнал изменений


  • Update: Added Better Search Replace support


  • Update: Added Advanced Custom Fields support


  • Update: Fixed Gutenberg editor.


  • Обновление: добавлена ​​возможность отключения темного режима в профиле пользователя.


  • Исправлено: проблемы с графиками в плагине Jetpack.


  • Исправлено: некоторые проблемы с плагином Jetpack


  • Добавлено: поддержка WooCommerce


  • Добавлено: поддержка плагина Nested Pages


  • Обновление: смена владельца


  • Добавлено: поддержка Jetpack


  • Исправлено: wp_register_style вызывался некорректно.


  • Первая публичная версия.