Dash Effortless Digital Asset Management


Dash is the digital asset management (DAM) tool for growing brands. It makes it simple for you to find, organise and use your visual content. Dash’s WordPress integration gets your team on the same page and keeps things simple.

Avoid the headaches of managing two separate image libraries and do all the organising in Dash instead.

Here’s how it works:

  • When adding an image into a page, pick Insert Media from Dash.
  • Search through all your visual content from Dash — without leaving WordPress.
  • Once you’ve found the image to use, just pick the size you want and add it to the page.
  • The caption and alt tag will be automatically filled in with the image’s title on Dash.
  • Then edit or crop as usual with WordPress’s tools.

Using this requires a Dash account. Don’t have one yet? Then you’re missing out — start your Dash free trial today.


  • If you have issues or questions about the Dash Effortless Digital Asset Management Plugin, visit the plugin’s forum.


  • Method 1 (automatic installation)

    1. Download the Dash WordPress plugin in .zip format by clicking «Download» on this page
    2. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress admin
    3. Click «Add new»
    4. Click «Upload plugin»
    5. Click «Choose file» and select the zip file you downloaded
    6. Click «Install now»
    7. The next screen should show «Plugin installed successfully»
    8. Click «Activate plugin»
    9. Now configure the plugin following these instructions
  • Method 2 (manual installation)

    1. Download the Dash WordPress plugin in .zip format by clicking «Download» on this page
    2. Upload dash-effortless-digital-asset-management to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


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Журнал изменений


  • Added missing media resource


  • Add «Insert from Dash» support to media library


  • Fixes a bug that prevented spinners from being removed from ACF WYSIWYGs.


  • Fixed issue with OAuth refresh token.


  • Minor typo fix


  • It makes Dash’s user-defined image sizes with pre-set cropping available for selection.


  • Features a new admin menu icon for the plugin.


  • It now pulls title, description and alt text custom fields values from Dash into the WordPress image metadata.


  • It fixes a feature image bug for Gutenberg.


  • It fixes support for WooCommerce gallery images from Dash.


  • It adds support for YOAST plugin.


  • Tested with WordPress 6.3


  • Fixes handling of admin path issue that prevented certain installations from authenticating. It also adds an alert if the plugins fails to download an image after a certain number of attempts.


  • Fixes support for pagination of Dash results for pre and post WordPress 5.8 changes of the way more images are loaded in the Media Window.


  • It improves the dash authentication process with clearer feedback for users.


  • Corrects the minimum PHP version requirement.


  • It improves the installation documentation.


  • It fixes a syntax error that prevented the plugin from installing automatically.


  • It fixes the media placeholder display for WordPress 6.1.x.


  • It fixes a bug where Dash images could not be added in ACF options pages and other ACF contexts.


  • It fixes a bug preventing multiple acf images to be selected from Dash.


  • This version adds the ability to select featured images from Dash. To do this, a new tab has been added to the media library modal that opens when the user choosed to add a featured image for their post.
  • If allows to select images from Dash from ACF image fields.
  • It fixes a bug whereby the image metadata from the attachment was incorrectly saved.