Placeholder Image for WooCommerce


Позволяет определить placeholder-изображения для Woocommerce-товаров. Просто пройдите в меню Woocommerce — Настройки — Отображение, выберите изображение, которое будет использоваться по умолчанию.


  • Просто определите изображение по умолчанию для товаров.
  • Be happy!


This plugin works as described on the plugin page. Just install it, activate it and you will start seeing a new section in Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Placeholder image. At this location, just select your custom image and save. You'll now start to see your new image in your store, search results and single product page. That's it!
Very simple to use and configure directly from WooCommerce Products settings.
Hey Игорь Тронь, this is great plugin but there is issues and i could not ignore it so i had to deactivate this plugin. its only a warning but still. please let me know when you have released an update. Notice Use of undefined constant WCDI - assumed 'WCDI' 1 wp-content/plugins/default-product-image-for-woocommerce/woocommerce-default-image.php:13
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