DiffCheck — Compare two text files


DiffCheck allows you to display side-by-side comparisons of two text files.

This plugin is ultra-lightweight (7KB) and uses WordPress’s already built-in revision function.

NEW! The plugin now supports Gutenberg and you can use the «DiffCheck» block to compare two texts.

How to compare two files?

On the post edit screen add DiffCheck block and inside it paste the text to be compared in two text areas.

How to compare two files using shortcodes?

To display difference between two files use the [diff_check] shortcode and pass attributes:

To compare 2 texts use text1 and text2 attributes:

[diff_check text1="This is the first text area. It will be compared to the second text area." text2="This is the second text area. It will be compared to the first text area."]

To compare two text files use file1 and file2 attributes:

[diff_check file1="https://plugins.club/demo/wp-content/plugins/my-plugin/text1.txt" file2="https://plugins.club/demo/wp-content/plugins/my-plugin/text2.txt"]



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Журнал изменений


  • Added support for Cyrillic in gutenberg block — reported by @bsmolyanov
  • Fixed CSS issue with wrong class names — reported by @bsmolyanov
  • Added CSS to style the rows that have no diff


  • Added gutenberg block


The first stable public version.